Huawei P50 is already in development: that's when it could arrive

huawei p50 development release

Huawei P40 it is undoubtedly one of the most interesting smartphone line ups of the year 2020, although they are without Google services (as attested by flash sale in China of the P40 Pro +). But the technology never stops and we already think about the next range, that of Huawei P50. Indeed, the General Manager area of series P has released some statements regarding the development and release.

Huawei P50: development already started, the launch could be in spring 2021

huawei p50 development output 2

The new flagship of Huawei it would therefore already be in development, given that - as the GM of the P range Wang Yonggang - the process of developing a smartphone from series P it takes more or less 18 months. So this means Huawei P50 was already in development when i P40 have arrived on the market.

In fact, Wang explains how the team Research and development meets a year before launch to discuss which ones technologies and innovations make on the new flagship. So, doing the math, Huawei P50 will be launched in the March 2021, since the meeting must have already taken place.

And as for technology, last month we already had some indiscretions about P50, as for the camera compartment, or as regards the chipset, which should be the Kirin 1000 a 5nm and will come first su Mate 40.

We just have to wait for further information deriving from this "meeting" of the heads that put together the components of the new range Huawei P50.

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