Huawei and Honor: the Immuni app returns to work for everyone


A few days ago we told you that the app immune would soon also arrived on the AppGallery. In doing so, even some smartphones Huawei ed Honor they can become part of the contact tracing project to contain the spread of Coronavirus. Apparently, however, things are becoming even more complicated, if the absence of Google on the latest models was not enough. There are numerous reports collected by Android World in which we see different models of the two production houses presenting different ones malfunction of the platform.

Upgrade 15 / 06: good news for Immuni to work on Huawei devices. Find all the news at the end of the article.

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The problems of the Immuni app on Huawei and Honor smartphones continue

According to these reports, the disservice with Immuni seems to be linked to an incompatibility with i Google Play Services. Also on last year's smartphones, which are normally equipped with all the necessary Google services. In many of these cases, the app was apparently installed correctly, but a problem arises at startup. As you can see in the screenshot below, an error message appears that reads: "Exposure notifications not activated".

immune huawei honor

Normally this does not happen, at least if you have a non-Huawei / Honor smartphone. This error is related to the absence of the entry “COVID-19 exposure notifications"Which you can find in the menu"Settings / Google". The reason why this item is not present on Huawei and Honor smartphones not touched by the US ban, and therefore with Google services, is still not entirely clear. It seems, however, that it can be tied to one Google Play Services version not updated and therefore without Google's tracking platform.

Unfortunately this circumstance has also happened to owners of smartphones in which the wording "COVID-19 exposure notifications" is present. And even manually updating the Play Services via APK, the result does not seem to change.

How to solve?

According to the tests carried out by the affected users, a possible method to restore the functioning of Immuni is the following. Turn off Bluetooth and GPS, start the app and let the app force the activation of both. However, it is reported that after some time Immuni returns to give problems, therefore it is not a definitive and 100% reliable solution. Also because, being an app that works in the background and that in order to work correctly it must not have this type of suddenness, the reliability of its use decreases not poco.

immune huawei honor

As if there was not enough confusion on the subject already, there are also testimonials that present another problem that prevents the proper functioning of Immuni. In this case, the Huawei and Honor smartphones involved communicate that the version of the Google services is incorrect.

On which Huawei and Honor does Immuni work?

Adding up the reports collected, here is a partial list of smartphones on which Immuni does not work as it should:

  • Huawei Mate 9 / Mate 10 Pro / Mate 20 / Mate 20 Lite
  • Huawei P9 / P9 Lite / P10 / P10 Lite / P20 Lite / P30 Lite
  • Huawei P Smart / P Smart 2017 / P Smart Z
  • Honor View 10 Lite
  • Honor 7/9/10
  • Honor 6X

It should be noted that some owners of these models seem to work the same, so the problems do not seem to depend on the specific model.

Where can I download Immuni?

To date, Huawei and Honor smartphones no longer have access to the Immuni app. After an initial period of availability, trying to look for it on the Play Store you get the following message: “The app is not compatible with any of your devices".

Immuni back to work | Update 15/06

As confirmed by Immuni managers to colleagues at Android World, for a few days the Immuni app has been working normally on all Huawei and Honor smartphones. And actually trying on a Huawei Mate 10 Pro, on which before it was not even visible on the Play Store, now everything is proceeding correctly. Therefore we invite all owners of Huawei and Honor smartphones to download Immuni, given that from today it is operating throughout Italy and no longer only in 4 regions.

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