HeimVision HM245: an "imperfect" security kit

For years, several users have decided to buy privately security systems increasingly avant-garde. Thanks to their simplicity of installation, in fact, it is no longer necessary to call a technician and this significantly reduces costs. Therefore, several companies have decided to invest in this area, developing closed circuit systems capable of connecting to our home Wi-Fi network. Among these, therefore, we also find what we will talk about today, that is HeimVision HM245. It is one of the most complete solutions in these sectors, offering a truly quality set of accessories. In some respects, however, we would have expected greater attention to detail, and in this Full review we explain why.

HeimVision HM245 review


Taking a look at the box, we notice how a photo of the product is already printed on the front. Inside this package, therefore, we find:

  • HeimVision HM245 DVR;
  • 4x AHD Camera;
  • 4x 2-in-1 Video / Power cables;
  • splitter cable for powering the security chamber;
  • USB mouse;
  • wall power supply with USA plug;
  • Ethernet cable;
  • quick guide, completely in English.

Design & Materials

Let's first analyze the build quality of these products. By extracting all the various units present in the package, therefore, I could not help but notice how theCentral unity, responsible for encoding the images, is carried out in a rather rough way. The whole external structure is made of plastic and, obviously, it is clear from the assembly how this product is not intended to remain visible. Therefore, I cannot say much about this aspect. The front shows some Status LED for alarm, registration and actual ignition of the product, as well as the company logo. Obviously, all the main components reside on the back, where we find the following inputs:

  • 8x BNC Video Input;
  • HDMI output;
  • Audio Input & Audio Output;
  • VGA;
  • 2x USB-A;
  • Ethernet port;
  • input for power supply.

Taking a look on the back, we notice the presence of some screws that, in a few seconds, can be extracted to access directly inside the DVR. Here, therefore, we find the motherboard and an additional space, behind it, where you can insert the Hard Disk. This, however, is not present in the package, therefore you must purchase it separately following the specifications given in the instruction manual: it must be a HD 3.5 ″ SATA, which will be properly formatted after installation. In most cases this accessory is not supplied in the package, but it is really a pity that the brand did not want to pay homage to customers with a component of this type, even of poor quality. I agree that, when you decide to buy a product of this type, you are aware of its operation and what is supplied in the package, but the presence of an HD would have been appreciated anyway. Without this, in fact, the system cannot store any data, not actually recording any images. Beyond this, however, the DVR measures 383 x 170,18 x 274,32 mm, with a weight of approx 300 grams (without HD).

I don't have much to say, however, about the individual security cameras, which are certainly built much better than the DVR. These, in fact, are made of metal, in black color, and are quite elegant. On the side they show the brand logo while the front part houses the main lens (of which we have no specific information). These are certified IP66, resisting easily even in open environments, and can record videos in 1080p. Taking a look at their design, we notice how all the central sensor is surrounded by LED for the night vision. As the only exits, then, behind the wall fixing plate, they present the cable for thesupply and thevideo output. In fact, each of them must be powered and, in the next paragraph, we will explain how.


I want to briefly explain to you what the installation consists of. Not all users, in fact, could be accustomed to this type of device. Despite this, in the short guide that you will find in the package are explained, step by step, all the procedures in this regard. You will have to be a little familiar with the English language but the terms used are not so complicated and, in addition, there are many explanatory images that will help you in this regard.

What you have to do, basically, is to first connect the DVR to the electrical outlet, through the appropriate power supply. However, you will have to use an adapter for the USA socket, because it is not supplied in the package. You can then use a HDMI cable in your possession (also not supplied in the package) to connect the TV to the DVR. Ultimately, then, the Ethernet cable it will have to start from your modem / router and go directly to the central unit. At this point we are ready to wire the individual rooms. In fact, each of them must be connected to one of the four cables long that you find in sales boxes. These have two exits on one side, and two on the other. Each camera, therefore, must be connected to this cable, as clearly indicated in the instructions and, secondly, also to the power supply. There will be a second transformer, in fact, which will supply energy to all the security cameras. Only at the end of this operation can each video output (the one with the yellow end) be connected to one of the 8 video inputs on the back of the DVR.

Thanks to the completion of all these operations, turning on the TV you will be able to access the command center, using the software made available by the brand. You will simply have to change the password system, using the mouse in the box, and after a few moments you will have full control of the kit. In the event that the system is in possession of the HD, simply remove the lower part of the central unit and connect the cables to the motherboard, as also shown in the booklet.

Operation & Software

There are also other methods for controlling all operations on this system, such as l'application official. We will see later, however, how it works. At the moment I would focus on what can be done from the TV by logging into the DVR. Here, in fact, we will have a complete view of all the security cameras installed. These have very long connection cables, therefore they can potentially be positioned anywhere in the house. There is no precise indication of their length, but I assume that they can cover a distance of even more than 40 meters.

By clicking with the right mouse button we have access to different items, starting right from Main menu. Here we will have access to the tab relating to Recordings, perhaps the most important part of the whole system. In addition to being able to program punctually registration times, or the time slots for each single room, we can also choose the resolution of images and enter the calendar. All the recordings made by the system are found here, divided by day, which can be reviewed on the screen if necessary. Through the editor located at the bottom you can switch from one file to another, go back, pause and much more. Obviously, taking advantage of the HD, it will also be allowed to go and review everything in the backup.

There are various levels of security, being able to inspect the area at an angle of 110 ° (every single room). Each unit, therefore, can activate the alarm if a simple movement is detected, when a face or the presence of a human is detected. All this can be activated, or not, within the relative menu. You can also set a degree of detection sensitivity, which I recommend setting up Middle, to prevent too many notifications from arriving on your smartphone for every slight movement of the air. All faces detected, however, can be consulted by clicking on the arrow on the right, which keeps track of this parameter. Always with a click on the right buttonhowever, you can also change the brightness, contrast and, in general, every value of every single camera. By handcuffing with all the controls, therefore, you could find the square, selecting the options in a timely and precise manner.

I remind you that HeimVision HM245 is compatible with any camera not exceeding 5MP and, specifically, with AHD / TVI / CVI / XVI / CVBS / IP Room. It is therefore a not too complex system which, after all, is really very dynamic and flexible. I have not encountered any particular problems during the entire period of use, although in fact I have almost always interfaced with the smartphone application, which we see in a moment.

Application (XMEye)

As you have read above, the Android application is called XMEye. On a graphic level, it is nothing so particular, while showing everything you need. Even in this case, however, not having an HD I could not take a look at the video history. This is because everything is processed by the DVR and there is no way to activate continuous recording on smartphones. Unlike the interface that we find on the TV, however, here you can manually start a recording, which is saved on the phone memory. Which is why, in the end, I found myself increasingly using this app.

Although the graphics is not so tempting, we see that, once configured, the whole system we have is present. Every single room can be controlled independently from the others and, on every single unit, it is possible to shoot screenshot, to boot video recordings also in HD, speak through the room and enter the settings. Here you can set the alarm, manage your profile, take a look at the video and access the advanced settings. It is a very sparse interface, which offers less possibilities than Customization compared to what we find on TV. Despite this, however, I found myself quite well, still proving stable ed reliable. From the main home, among other things, we will also have access to push messages, all collected one after the other, which show us the sequences of the moments in which some human presence was detected. Beside these screenshots we also find the type of detection. Only note: the photos saved are in 704 480 pixels x and are therefore compromised. Specifically, all the photos are squashed and do not show the real dimensions of reality. I was unable to change this setting, even downgrading from HD to SD.

Video quality

It is not specified on the Official site, what is the real quality of the sensors mounted on these security cameras. We only know that they actually register in 1080p, although on smartphones I have never managed to go beyond 704 x 480 pixels. I must say, however, that in terms of quality they offer nothing more than what is already available on the market. Indeed, in some cases I would have expected better quality, especially during the day, where the digital noise is present. Beyond this, then, the images are not perfectly fluid, showing a fairly low frame-rate.

I noticed that cameras tend to overexpose close subjects a little too much, but they have not been studied for this type of shooting. By keeping a distance, therefore, you can get good results, both during the day and in the dark, thanks above all to the night vision guaranteed by the LEDs that reside around the main lens. One is declared visibility di 20 metersin general, which I believe is sufficient for any type of home. In any case, I advise you not to control a large area with just one camera, precisely because of this limitation of the visual field. Despite everything, however, this accessories show a FOV di 110 °therefore from this point of view you should have no problems.


Taking a look on the back of the DVR, we find an Ethernet port that can support up to 100Mbps. Every single room depends on this type of connection and, I must admit, there is no noticeable delay between what happens in reality and what is reported on the screen. There latencytherefore it is very minimal.

During the whole test period I did not notice any malfunction, not only of the DVR but also of the individual cameras. They never disconnected from the network, always remaining operational 24 hours on 24. I must specify, however, how the DVR was positioned in the same room where the modem is located, connecting it to it by means of an Ethernet cable with an extension. This, therefore, inevitably creates a slowdown in performance, which however the system does not seem to have suffered.

Price & Conclusions

HeimVision HM245 it costs very little with our coupon GIZCHINA15IT, spendable on the official website. Here, therefore, the price reaches 119 dollars, therefore approximately 106 € at the current exchange rate. I also remind you that such is valid until July 30 2020. Assuming that you use the coupon, therefore, it is an absolutely low figure, which hardly competes with other similar products on the market. Reason why, even more so, I would have preferred to have some more accessories right away, to be immediately ready forinstallation and using the appliance 100%. Some missing parts, such as adapters for the others sockets with non-US standards, they should have been implemented within the sales box.

HeimVision HM245 - heimvision.com

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More Less

Despite everything, the quality is quite good, especially for such a small figure. In the package, then, there are instructions that I personally find very useful and clear, although they are all written in English. You should be able to extricate yourself well, however, even with just the images. I recommend, however, in case you decide to buy this product, have a External HD, possibly of good quality, which could increase the final figure by about 20-30 euro.