DJI launches the Drone Rescue Map to track rescue interventions made with drones

dji drone rescue

DJI in recent years it has distinguished itself as a leading brand in the sector of drones, like the last one Mavic air 2 and we reviewed recently. However, the brand goes far beyond the simple production of drones, creating the innovative monitoring service DJI Drone Rescue Map, that will show him rescue interventions carried out all over the world thanks to the proper support of increasingly common technological devices.

DJI Drone Rescue Map shows relief efforts shared by the authorities

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The new tracking map DJI Drone Rescue Map is made up of news and posts about SOCIAL MEDIA shared by the forces of Police or other authorities with regard to the relief that took place thanks to the drones produced by the company, which are becoming increasingly valuable allies in order to save many people in danger, where before it became difficult to intervene.

dji drone rescue map drone rescue tracking service

Here is what the company said, through the Senior Director Romeo Durscher, regarding this service: " DJI Drone Rescue Map is today the best global reference for the effectiveness of drones in emerging and allows the world to see what impact these devices have had in order to find missing people, in order to drastically reduce the search time, as well as reduce the risks for rescuers", And also adds:" Public safety officers have well understood how drones are revolutionizing their work and now the world can see their extraordinary stories in one place. It is a service dedicated precisely to celebrating the relief that took place thanks to our products"

Il servizio Drone Rescue Map it is active in as many as 27 countries around the world, but will soon arrive in other countries as it is constantly updated. If you are interested, here is the official page where you can consult the map.

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