This Xiaomi YouPin UV sterilizer will make your smartphone (and not only) safer

Xiaodu XD911 portable UV sterilizer

In a period like the one we are living in today, hygiene and maximum cleanliness are essential. But how to do it with small objects, maybe with your smartphone? And should the masks be washed to exhaustion? Fortunately, there are economic and comfortable solutions, such as it Xiaodu XD911 portable UV sterilizer, useful and convenient device, available among the Banggood offers with discount code and shipping directly from Europe.

Banggood offers: the Xiaodu XD911 portable UV sterilizer is available with a discount code (from Europe)

Xiaodu XD911 portable UV sterilizer

Le compact dimensions make the XD911 sterilizer - from Xiaomi YouPin - a perfect solution to carry around. The device is powered by USB cable, also via Power Bank, in order to be operational when necessary. Inside the housing it can contain smartphones up to a maximum of 6.6 ", therefore it is a product compatible with a very wide range of devices. Also you can also sterilize accessories - such as watches, linens and jewelery - but above all masks: extra comfort in a context like today.

Lo portable UV sterilizer XD911 it is available among the offers of the Banggood store thanks to the dedicated discount code. Below you will find the purchase link, where you will also find the Coupon to use. Finally, we remind you once again that it is a product with shipping from European warehouses (detail always welcome).

Xiaodu XD911 Portable UV Sterilizer - Banggood

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