Huawei Watch GT 2e vs Huawei Watch GT 2 vs Honor MagicWatch 2 comparison: who wins?

huawei watch gt 2nd

During the past months we have had the opportunity to try some smartwatches from the Huawei / Honor family. Specifically, they passed through our hands Huawei Watch GT 2 e Honor magicwatch 2, which we also brought you a comparison on YouTube. Subsequently, these two products received some important updates, which only slightly modified the system. In the meantime, however, another new product has arrived on the market, namely Huawei Watch GT 2nd, a device more voted to fitness, at least according to what has been declared by the company. So what are the differences that characterize it compared to the other two models? Is it really better to prefer this model over the other two, already reviewed months ago? Find out with us, within this comparison.

Huawei Watch GT 2e vs Huawei Watch GT 2 vs Honor MagicWatch 2 comparison

Design & Materials

  • Huawei Watch GT 2 (46mm): 45,9 x 45,9 x 10,7 mm - 41 g (without strap)
  • Huawei Watch GT 2nd: 53 x 46,8 x 10,8 mm - 43 g (without strap)
  • Honor magicwatch 2: 45,9 x 45,9 x 10,7 mm - 41 g (without strap)

huawei watch gt 2nd

We go beyond what is the sales budget, since within these three products we find substantially the same components. Taking a look at the design, therefore, we find two very similar products, namely Huawei Watch GT 2 and Honor MagicWatch 2, while Huawei Watch GT 2nd deviates slightly from these two. Don't get me wrong, even the first ones still have unique characters, but GT 2e is the one that goes against the trend most of all. In addition to showing one cash different central, also as regards the finishing of the material, has a default strap very special silicone, mainly devoted to fitness. The only two buttons, present on the right frame, are characterized by a different shape than the other two products, being more flattened and less flashy.

From the point of view of the quality of the materials, we do not find major differences in construction. All these products are made really well, not presenting large imperfections and being very comfortable in daily use. Among them, however, perhaps the one that best suits a female audience is Huawei Watch GT 2, slightly more anonymous. I remind you, however, that each of these straps can be replaced with one of your choice, through a simple disassembly system that makes this operation very fast. Huawei Watch GT 2 and Honor MagicWatch 2 are also the ones to show more colors on the official website, while GT 2e must be satisfied with only three simple variations of the strap, available on the official Huawei store.


  • Huawei Watch GT 2 (46mm): 1,39 ″ AMOLED (454 x 454 pixels)
  • Huawei Watch GT 2nd: 1,39 ″ AMOLED (454 x 454 pixels)
  • Honor magicwatch 2: 1,39 ″ AMOLED (454 x 454 pixels)

Nothing changes in this respect, as we always find the same on board these three smartwatches AMOLED display da 1,39”With resolution 454 454 pixels x. Obviously we find comparable shapes, which show vivid colors with good contrast. Even in direct sunlight, therefore, it is quite simple to view all content on the screen. Taking a look, then, at the performance of the touchscreen, I must say that in recent months the gap has almost been completely canceled. In fact, during the first comparison between Watch GT 2 and MagicWatch 2, I had noticed a certain difference, in favor of the product developed by Huawei. Now, however, I can tell you that all three work in exactly the same way, not showing any criticality in this respect.

Hardware & Software

  • Huawei Watch GT 2 (46mm): SoC Kirin A1, 4GB of internal storage
  • Huawei Watch GT 2nd: SoC Kirin A1, 4GB of internal storage
  • Honor magicwatch 2: SoC Kirin A1, 4GB of internal storage

On board these three smartwatches there is the same SoC, or a Kirin A1 with excellent performance, especially in terms of monitoring some data. There is no shortage, well 4GB di internal memory in order to store some data relating to our activities. All three models, then, can count on the connection via Bluetooth 5.1, which allows you to have excellent communication with your smartphone. From this point of view, therefore, I have not noticed any malfunction when synchronizing with the phone.

Huawei Watch GT 2e shows the same operating system mounted on the other two smartwatches. It is, therefore, a proprietary software that does not allow you to install third-party apps on the product, as occurs on devices equipped with Android Wear. Here you have to stick to what is shown in the various settings, without being able to import apps like Whatsapp o Telegram. Despite this, it is still possible to activate notifications, which are always punctual even on the latter model. In fact, we will be able to view even the oldest ones, as the system does not group messages from the same app.

So what changes? Unlike Watch GT 2 and MagicWatch 2, it went more hard on Huawei Watch GT 2e. In fact, one has not been entered speaker on the central case, therefore it will not be possible to answer a call directly on the wearable. In the latter case, it will be necessary to pick up the phone and answer directly from there. This, therefore, is perhaps the only real difference between these three models.

I have to say that, regarding the updates, these smartwatches have been well supported. Especially regarding Watch GT 2 and MagicWatch 2, the older devices. During this period, since the last time we tried them, several updates have arrived, on all those of January 2020 and May 2020, which have brought some news. In addition to many other sports activities, in fact, there has been a marked improvement in stability, as well as in the fluidity of movement within the interface.

Monitoring & Fitness

Watch GT 2, Watch GT 2e and MagicWatch 2 are the sides of the same coin (a pity that a medal has only two sides). Having said that, therefore, what changes most on these three models is the design, given that internally they have been equipped with the same identical components. All, therefore, are equipped with the various systems designed by Huawei to improve the monitoring of all activities, i.e. Huawei TruSeen 3.5, which uses artificial intelligence. Therefore, the performances regarding the sensor for the detection of the heartbeat, one of the most important components on products of this type.

As mentioned also in the respective text reviews, there are really many sports activities inside smartwatches. There are, in fact, more than 85 mode different, which refer to different sports. Despite this, it will be really difficult to try them all. Taking a look at the results achieved in the individual activities, however, we can see comparable data, which demonstrate how the detection of certain parameters is absolutely identical on these three products. Unfortunately, it is not easy to use them together, synchronizing them simultaneously with Huawei Health (where only one at a time can be selected), but taking note of the steps taken, for example, we have not found major differences.

We are not, then, to list all the main activities on these models, because they are absolutely the same that you can find in the individual text reviews (although many more have arrived with further updates).


From this point of view, with all the new updates, theautonomy. With Huawei Watch GT 2 and Honor MagicWatch 2 I had not been able to exceed 5 full days, while now on Huawei Watch GT 2e I have almost completed about 7 days. This is not yet a result close to what is declared by the company, but probably keeping the heart rate detection active 24 hours a day, activating notifications from all social networks and messaging apps and keeping the always-on - active display, you can't do more.

Prices & Conclusions

Taking a look at the prices displayed on Amazon, at present these smartwatches are all offered for less than 200 euros. What the lower figure shows is Watch gt 2e, which costs roughly 149 €. The other two, however, are more or less always about 170 euros. Therefore, these are really minimal differences, which therefore make this choice even more difficult. I feel, however, to recommend some of these products simply by reasoning: if you are looking for a product with no frills, completely devoted to sport, go to Huawei Watch GT 2e. If, on the other hand, you are eager to buy a product that can be spent in everyday life, with a design less devoted to physical activity, then MagicWatch 2 and Watch GT 2 are the solutions for you.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to rely on other differences, because at the hardware and software level these devices are absolutely identical.