Blackview X1 review: clone of the Huawei Watch GT 2 for 34 euros!

Blackview x1

In today's review we return to try a device from the Chinese house BlackView, let's not talk about some rugged smartphone, but of the BlackView X1, or one sports smartwatch with an aesthetic similar to Huawei Watch GT 2. Can we call it a sort of clone? How did he behave during our tests?

We will answer these and many other questions within the full review!

Blackview X1 review

Unboxing - Blackview X1

The sales package is made of white hardcover and has an elongated shape, just like the Apple Watch and inside there is the following equipment:

  • Blackview X1;
  • black strap;
  • orange strap;
  • cable for charging with magnetic pins;
  • instructions manual.

Design and construction

As already anticipated in the opening, the Blackview x1 clearly takes inspiration from Huawei Watch GT 2 and this can be seen both from the silicone strap and from the case. The only aesthetic difference is that we have it here just a button instead of two.

Blackview x1

In fact, not only is the construction very similar, but there are also several watchfaces who took their cue from those of Huawei.

Despite this, I must say that the Blackview x1 it is a nice watch for what it costs and the materials used are in line with its price range. We have in factaluminum that alternates with glass e plastic.

Blackview x1

After 10 days of use I found no scratches on the screen or on the case and, moreover, this can be immersed in water to 5 ATM. I tried it in the shower and in the tub and I didn't find any problems in the functioning, in fact, in the shower it doesn't even take the involuntary touches (I don't know if it's wanted or if it's by chance, but it goes).

With the only one physical button present will be possible awaken the display or return to the main screen if you are browsing the interface. A rather basic function, but given the price it can fit, we can not expect further. On the lower side, however, there is a sensor for detecting heart beats and magnetic pins for charging.

This Blackview x1 è quite comfortable to wear, the TPU strap has many sizes and can be adapted to all wrists, but above all I managed to do sports without experiencing problems of skin transpiration. In any case we can replace it with any other strap from 46 mm.


Il display of Blackview x1 it's a unit from 1.3 inches diagonal with resolution HD e curl 3D at the edges with protection Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

Blackview x1

Le watchfaces are available only 4, quite simple and sporty, therefore not very suitable for elegant contexts although they are two analog and two digital. On the other hand, the target of this device is the sports one.

La maximum brightness è good for a correct reading under the sunlight and we will not have visibility problems in general. The only critical points could be traced back to slowness in touches, but that could be the fault of the unresponsive software.

Hardware and software

Hardware Blackview x1 there is no news from the manufacturer, but on the other hand we do not find operations so complex as to require specifications of a certain level. This is because the software è very simple: from the dial we can do swipe up It is down to change watchface oa right and left to move around the interface.

At that point we will see the current progress, the results of sleep monitoring, the system information (useless to insert it here in my opinion) and the menu.

From here we can start the heart rate monitoring, start a sport activity, see the notifications, find the smartphone, manage the music playback on the smartphone, stopwatch, countdown timer and settings (brightness, QR code of the app and shutdown) .

Moving on to the speech notifications these are definitely received on the smartwatch, the problem could be the display, because I noticed fluctuating performances. In fact, until we get a few messages on WhatsApp okay, but when they start to be too many messages e too many chats the last message is no longer shown received from the last contact, but always the last message of a chat.

Blackview x1

Or sometimes it seems to work properly, but still the notifications menu makes available 3 slot, therefore not being able to scroll through them, the others will be deleted automatically.

In the reception I have not had problems with mail, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, but sometimes the SMS are not reported.

Not all applications are supported, although there are most apps municipalities we use in Europe (except Telegram), in any case I leave you the screenshot below.

The app doesn't get enough "H Band" through which interface the sportwatch to the smartphone. This is too skinny, in some ways not very intuitive e not very thorough on some sporting parameters. In short, it is not comparable to the app We Fit or to that of Huawei but, I repeat, a 34 € it is also difficult to find better.

Connectivity and operation

So we come to the connectivity because, although it is not indicated on the site, the Blackview x1 should have Bluetooth 4.0, accelerometer and the sensor for the detection of the heartbeats. Therefore there is no GPS Compass which takes advantage of that of the smartphone but, at the cost of repeating myself, at this price it is normal and it is rare that it is integrated.

Despite all the first pairing is quite simple but to do so remember to activate the GPS Compass beyond the Bluetooth, otherwise in the window dedicated to the connection with the sportwatch it will not find any devices there. During these weeks of testing I have not encountered any disconnection or other problems.

Blackview x1

As regards the sports instead, they are present 9 activities including: outdoor run, outdoor walk, indoor run, indoor walk, hiking, mountaineering, exercise bike, outdoor pedaling, rowing machine.

I would have liked the addition offree workout (gym activities) as seen on the We Band. In fact, I had to start the activity as a rowing machine to monitor all the parameters. In the end, little or nothing changes since the results were very similar to those of the home solution Xiaomi.

Seeing precisely i achieved results from all the sensors I have to say that ours Blackview x1 behaves pretty good, as I compared several rides on the treadmill with the two devices mentioned above and the one at home BlackView gave a count of the Km much more similar to the machinery than the We Band.

We are there instead as regards the heartbeatwhile for the sleep monitoring Xiaomi remains slightly ahead. Also this watch is quite accurate, but sometimes wrong 15 20-minute.

In short, for who it is amateur and for those who just want to see the progress, calories, steps etc ... then this is a device that could be fine, but obviously those looking for absolute precision should then turn to much more expensive products, perhaps directly to the original Huawei Watch GT 2.


Under the body of the Blackview x1 we find one battery da 260 mAh, which gives us back aexcellent autonomy. In fact, using it always connected to the smartphone with notifications enabled, 3 sporting activities per week from approx 2 hours each e brightness at most I managed to get around 7 days of autonomy.

So this is definitely one of the strengths device. Obviously you can have different statistics with a more or less intense use.

Charging takes place through the magnetic pins located on the bottom of the sportwatch and will be necessary just under 2 hours to fully charge it (with 10W power supply).

Conclusions and price - Blackview X1

Before we get to the real conclusions it is good to talk about price, in fact the Blackview x1 is currently available on AliExpress about 34 €.

Taking this factor into account, it is normal that we cannot expect optimal performance on this sport watch, indeed, we say that it is in line with other Chinese competitors (excluding the most renowned brands such as Xiaomi, Amazfit, Huawei etc.) as the software is more or less always the same and the hardware also.

If you are looking for a sports device curate e reliable, personally I advise you to tack on home products Amazfit or on the I Band 4 or 5 which cost practically the same amount.

If you want one instead SportWatch that resembles as much as possible to Huawei Watch GT 2 then this device could definitely be for you.

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