Xiaomi Zenph: the mini stool as big as a smartphone is at a discount of 32%

xiaomi zenph

With the arrival of summer, we often organize trips outside the city and one of the most common problems is that of space. Precisely for this reason we offer you an offer from the store Banggood which could be particularly interesting: the mini stool Xiaomi Zenph - coming from the crowdfunding platform YouPin - is in discount of 32%.

Xiaomi Zenph is a must have for campers, and is on sale at Banggood

Just as anticipated, the folding stool Xiaomi Zenph its strength is its small size: just think that, when closed, it reaches dimensions very similar to the latest generation smartphones: therefore it can be positioned without any problem in backpacks of all kinds.

At the same time, just like all the brand's products Xiaomian, the stool does not give up on quality. In fact, we find an aluminum structure capable of supporting a weight of up to 80 kg, coated with an anti-corrosion treatment. To cover the frame there is also an ultra-resistant and waterproof fabric.

By purchasing it today, you can save around €8 on the total price. The Xiaomi Zenph mini stool, in fact, passes by €26.9 only 18.4 €, with the possibility of saving the 10% Extra by purchasing 2 and the 18% with the purchase of three units.