Xiaomi YouPin: the YEUX solar power bank arrives

xiaomi youpin yeux solar power bank

The need to charge smartphones during long walks or trips where you walk a lot to visit the various places of a city has become quite compelling. The solution is usually to use a power bank, but they are not eternal, therefore Xiaomi (which in recent days has cemented his relationship with ZIMI) thought it well to include in e-commerce YouPin la solar power bank EYES, at a very attractive price.

Xiaomi YouPin: the YEUX power bank will solve the problem of charging on the go

xiaomi youpin yeux solar power bank 2

The product proves to be very functional. In itself, the product EYES it is a purse containing a power bank, to which they are attached two benches with solar panels made of high conversion and light sensitive silicone crystals. In fact, the banks can also capture energy in the rainy days, because it is all based on the light that radiates the panels. And the monitoring system the "captured" energy is particularly intelligent, in that it signals the "quality" of the absorbed light with one series of lights of various colors.

xiaomi youpin yuex solar power bank 3

The two panels together have a capacity of 12800 mAh (6400 per bench), and transmit energy through two doors USB-A da 5V / 3A, a USB-C always from 5V / 3A and also two doors micro-USB da 5V / 2A. In addition, the casing cover of the solar power bank it is very resistant to aging and intense light, in addition it is waterproof and anti-odor. Practically a complete product from any point of view.

The solar power bank EYES it is therefore available on Xiaomi YouPin at a price of 349 yuan (approx 44 €). The hope is that such a product will soon reach our latitudes too.

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