Xiaomi spies on users' browsing data, according to Forbes

Xiaomi Browser Data Collection

Choose a device Xiaomi often represents a convenient choice. Top features at a competitive price (although in Italy the Mi 10 range has reached i prices competitors) have made Lei Jun's brand products the main user solutions. But not everything that concerns Xiaomi would be all roses and flowers, especially with regards to his web browser. According to an investigation by Forbes, led by technology editor Thomas Brewster, together with researchers Gabriel Cirlig and Andrew Tierney, the company would collect browsing data unsuspecting users.

Xiaomi would collect browsing data from its web browser

The data is collected regardless of software and apps

Specifically, the chronology of sites visited, the Full URLs and all search engine requests, to then send them to remote servers. The particular thing is that this data is collected also in "incognito" mode, when it should be the safest one.

Going to note the videos made, we realize that it does not matter what software is installed on the device. The tests were carried out on Xiaomi Mi A1, My 10 e Mi MIX 3, Over which Redmi Note 8 e K20. The data will be collected both if you use the browser and Mi Browser Pro or Mint, which can be downloaded from Google Play Store, and to date they count far more than 15 millions of downloads.

Xiaomi's response to the accusations

Obviously, the response of the Peking brand was not long in coming. In fact, the company has made it known that “The claims are not true. Privacy and security are central issues. The collection of browser data is consensual and in any case anonymous". The claims of Xiaomi the researchers are not convinced, they raised by saying that the brand sends this data to Sensor Analytics, a Chinese company that provides analysis services. Here Xiaomi replies: " Sensor Analytics helps us for statistical data. The anonymous data collected by browsers remain on our private servers, and are not passed on to anyone". The latest accusation, then, would concern precisely the fact that in any case these anonymous data can be decoded, but to this Xiaomi has not yet responded.

Pending further news on the matter, we leave the comments to you. Do you believe that Xiaomi does something that violates user privacy, or does it move exactly like other brands?

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