Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 coming soon? New clues directly from the company

xiaomi mix me alpha

Still no trace for Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 or in any case of a new chapter for the much acclaimed series that has cleared the concept of full screen. Of course, last September everyone was amazed with the presence of Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha, highly innovative product but anything but for the public. Many would like a new device marketed, perhaps less futuristic but more practical for everyday use. It is still early to talk about it concretely, but the latest move by Xiaomi could anticipate big news.

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Opens the official Weibo page of the "Xiaomi Mi MIX" family

Suddenly the Asian insiders have noticed the existence of one Weibo page dedicated to the family Xiaomi Mi MIX. Chinese social networks are known to be organized differently from Western ones. In the case of Xiaomi, the company has accustomed us to having dedicated pages for its most famous smartphone series, in order to give more detailed information on upcoming news.

xiaomi mi mix weibo

To be precise, there was already a page for the Mi MIX series, but it has no longer been updated and is now being replaced by the new one. There are also those who maliciously speculate that someone may have forgotten their password: who can say it? However, although this is not a solid proof, it is likely that this opening may anticipate news in this regard. The internet has already begun to speculate on the possible arrival of Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 or what will be the name of the next model.

What are the expectations at stake? Given the latest implications of the technological world, it is more than presumable that Mi MIX 4 can show off a 120 Hz, perhaps also in Quad HD +. What is certain is that the frames will be managed to a minimum, perhaps taking a cue right from Mi MIX Alpha. Taking for granted that it arrives in the second half of 2020, towards the end of the year, the future could move it Snapdragon 865. Other changes would concern the use of one quad camera, including telephoto and wide angle, and a battery with wireless charging.

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