TSMC and Huawei: Qualcomm and NVIDIA could help them

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To keep the news among the technological news is the complex situation between Huawei e TSMC. Not just the Trump government renewed the ban USA, but also established a new regulation that in a nutshell prohibits chipmakers from making chips to the Chinese company. This applies to all those chipmakers who, although not based in the USA, operate with technologies of American origin, as in the case of the Taiwanese TSMC. It follows that the division HISILICON will encounter major problems in building SoCs for the parent company, which is forced to understand how to move in the near future.

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Production problems for TSMC and Huawei: the answer may come from the USA

As it could no longer operate normally with TSMC, Huawei could find itself at a crossroads. On the one hand the way more rely on other chipmakers, as in the case of UNISOC o SMIC, realities that however do not yet have the know-how that can satisfy the production of the most valuable SoCs. On the other hand, rely on third party companies, such as MediaTek o Samsung, but in doing so it should use chipsets not made to measure and which, among other things, would probably cost them even more.

Obviously the best solution would be to stay with TSMC and, in some way, Huawei is partially doing it. The parties seem to have found an escamotage that allows TSMC to assemble chipsets as long as the ban is not peremptory.But there's a problem: as long as we talk about the production of SoC at 5 or 12 nm there would be no problem, while the same cannot be said for that at 7 nm. This process would be congested due to too many pending orders, given that Huawei has found themselves requesting an order of 700 million dollars in the near or immediate. Also because Huawei is not the only TSMC customer, on the contrary: AMD, Apple, Broadcom, NVIDIA, Qualcomm and MediaTek itself are some of the main partners.

And it is precisely here that there may be a partial solution. It is rumored that TSMC could coordinate with some of these companies for temporarily put aside some of their orders. In doing so, Huawei would have room to see its final order fulfilled before the ban cuts their legs.

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