Xiaomi revolution: the models from GearBest and BangGood have a 24-month Europe warranty!

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The one we are talking about today represents a real one bomb news in the world Xiaomi for us users in Italy. For years we have been talking about this brand on our portals, since it was only a topic for true connoisseurs. For some years, it has finally made its official debut in Europe, making life easier for consumers who can buy directly from the source. Nonetheless, buying from Asian stores still remains the cheapest option, thanks to a more aggressive pricing policy. Many, however, are often doubtful, as they think that getting a phone from China means having no guarantees. And if instead we told you that it is not so and that also buying from China you are entitled to official Europe guarantee?

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Do you have a Xiaomi Cross Border smartphone? Then the European guarantee is valid

No, you haven't read wrong. You may have already heard about it in some online discussions, with the first testimonials already at the end of 2019, but so far no one has talked about it with greater concreteness. For this reason, we decided to personally contact the Italian Xiaomi assistance and let us explain what the actual state of things is. Fortunately for all of us in the community, what appeared to be just a rumor was confirmed to us as truth.

Everything is based on the concept of cross-border model, or that type of device that is not tied to a specific geographic territory. This means that the local guarantee does not apply to it, but the European one (in our case). For this reason we have decided to draw up a guide that will help you understand if your phone is also cross-border and how to use the European guarantee.

How to check if my Xiaomi or Redmi is cross-border?

Assuming that you already have the phone in your hands, the method to understand if what you have is a cross-border model is very simple. First of all you need to have IMEI 1 code: you can find it directly on the sales package. Alternatively, you can type the number * # 06 # in the dialer to see it appear.

At this point go to the Xiaomi official portal to verify the authenticity of the product. Enter the IMEI code in the space provided and the captcha required and the screen you will get will be the following:

xiaomi cross-border

This is one of the tests that we carried out with a device in our possession, a Redmi Note 9S, and the result is that it is really a cross-border model. You can see it from the wording next to the item “Delivery address", Symbolized as"CB". This means that the model in possession, although not coming from our continent, is valid for the European guarantee.

Does this only apply to Xiaomi or to all sub-brands?

It certainly applies to Xiaomi e Redmi, as well as for phones POCO. We are not sure, however, for Black Shark.

What about accessories?

Not having an IMEI to check, on the accessories it is not possible to understand if there is this type of distinction. Therefore we do not feel unbalanced, also because many of the accessories that are sold in China are not really present in Europe.

xiaomi accessories gadget ecosystem

How to understand before buying if a phone is cross-border?

To date there is no recognition method that guarantees 100% that the Xiaomi smartphone you are about to buy is cross-border. It is possible that in the future, when the news will be in the public domain, the stores will adapt and possibly specify it. At the moment, the only thing we can tell you is that, according to the reports, almost all stocks of Global models it seems that they are cross-border, regardless of origin. If, on the other hand, the product you buy is indicated as China, in this case it is not cross-border.

Above all, we don't take responsibility if it isn't actually cross-border. Also because there are cases of users who have bought a phone indicated of a certain origin which then turned out not to be true. Since it is shown on the package, we advise you to check the IMEI before opening it and, in case of problems, contact the store for clarification.

On which stores are cross-border telephones located?

Basically above all. Let's take an example GearBest e BangGood, as they are the main Chinese reference online stores. But we can also find them on eBay and the same Amazon, in case they are models from third-party vendors, and so on. The important thing is that there is the wording “Global"

In this regard, we remind you to rely on our channels BangGood Italy e GizBest to get the best deals on Xiaomi and not every day.

How is the guarantee managed?

Warning: there is a big difference between officially European and cross-border devices. As much as both have the same 24 month warranty, only the first ones can be brought directly to the shop where they were purchased to be sent for assistance. In the case of cross-border devices, however, everything is managed online.

The first step is to contact support by phone on the number 800690921, communicating to them the IMEI and having confirmation on the validity of the guarantee. Then you will have to contact the support email, which is as follows: service.it@xiaomi.com. At this address you must provide your name, surname, address, telephone number, email, IMEI, brief description of the problem and proof of purchase. This can be the receipt provided to you by the store from which you purchased the defective smartphone. In the event that the damage covered by the guarantee is confirmed, Xiaomi will organize the collection at home by courier, without having to go out to the store. Once fixed, it will always be returned to you by the courier.

When does the warranty period begin?

Here too we are in the field of assumptions, but we can base ourselves on the analogous case of OnePlus, so the same mechanism applies with the European guarantee. As a result, the warranty starts running from the moment the initial setup of the phone is completed.

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