Redmi Smart TV X: new series with 3 high fluidity models

redmi smart tv x

There is a nice difference between PC monitors and Smart TV, although apparently the same device but of different features. For the first category we have witnessed an evolution in terms of refresh rate, driven by the exponential growth that the gaming sector is having. Smart TVs do not have this factor to consider, being used to enjoy content that rarely exceeds 60 fps. Nonetheless, the futures Redmi Smart TV X, coming with a new system designed in this regard.

23 / 05 Update: new details arrive on the brand's smart TVs, this time regarding the audio sector. Find all the details at the bottom of the article.

The Redmi Smart TV X series will include at least 3 new models

redmi smart tv x

Redmi Smart TV X will be a real series of televisions, inclusive of 3 models of different diagonals: X50, X55 e X65respectively 50 ″, 55 ″ and 65 ″. In any case, one of the new features on which Redmi focuses is the inclusion of a new system MEMC (Motion Estimation Motion Compensation), coupled with a 60 Hz compensation algorithm.

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The MEMC technique is used by manufacturers to make the most of the refresh rate of the panels of their smart TVs. This is because almost all the TV content runs between 20 and 30 fps, when you could dare more. Here is the MEMC, aninterpolation of real frames, among which more are added to increase fluidity. A mode that is certainly not useful and effective with films and TV series, but that can give you something more with sport.

As the teaser underlines, the Realme Smart TV X series will arrive at the same time as the new ones Redmi 10X and 10X Pro, from which it takes its name. Appointment, therefore, to 26st May.

New teaser in sight, this time dedicated to the audio sector | Update 23/05

The new series Redmi Smart TV X it is getting closer and as it happens for smartphones, also in this case the release of teasers and information takes place in bursts. Today the Chinese house has published a new poster in which it confirms the audio compartment that we will find on board the devices.

redmi smart tv x

The image published by Lu Weibing on Weibo confirms the presence of 4 speaker da 12,5 W, with a system subwoofer from 8 units. The advertising poster refers to a speaker system capable of returning a cinematic experience, also thanks to the support Dolby Audio with dts HD.

In short, with the new X models it will be like being in the cinema: although such a statement can tear a smile, the price is likely it will once again be super accessible, also justifying some marketing hazard.

As usual, the last word is up to the company and in the case of Redmi Smart TV X we will have to be patient only a few days. In the meantime, you took a look to the first soundbar of Xiaomi's rib?

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