Redmi "karna" will be the flagship with Dimensity 1000+ at 144 Hz

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We are all waiting for the veils to be lifted from Redmi 10X and 10X Pro, making us discover them in all their facets. Also because they look very inviting, with a missed top-of-the-range photographic sector. But a year has passed since the launch of Redmi K20, the first flagship in the history of the brand once detached from Xiaomi. The K30 series made its debut at the end of 2019 and, if the calculations do not deceive us, in mid-2020 there is a prospect new top model. According to rumors, this will not be Redmi 10X, but what could be presented as the unpublished series Redmi H.

Upgrade 27 / 05: new rumors are added to those on the top of the range with Dimensity 1000+. We talk about it at the end of the article.

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The top of the range with Snapdragon 865 / Dimensity 1000+ could be called Redmi H ... or Note 10

These corridor rumors come from India and, to tell the truth, they only speak of a model with high-end features. It is not explicitly mentioned what his name will be, but this new acronym has been mentioned on the net. There are also those who think that the series may Redmi Note it could witness a revolution, no longer limited to the mid-range band.

More interesting is the aspect that speaks of the specifications, since mention is made of the inclusion of a first-class SoC. This means the use of or Snapdragon 865 or the brand new MediaTek Dimension 1000+. Also because Redmi would be interested in countering the competition with a iQOO Z1 which for the Asian audience is very inviting. It was no coincidence that at the end of 2019 it was assumed that the first with Dimensity 1000 could have been part of the Redmi K series.

Upgrade 27 / 05

To talk about the alleged top of the range Redmi is Xiaomishka, always very reliable leaker when it comes to Xiaomi. According to what has been said, it will be based on Dimension 1000+ of MediaTek and not on the Qualcomm solution. It would thus be the second model equipped with this SoC, to follow iQOO Z1, boasting another common feature. I refer to the screen a 144 Hz, second only to ai 240 Hz of Sharp Aquos Zero 2.

Among other things, such a high refresh rate is also possible on Redmi K30, thanks to aappropriate software modification. The other feature concerns the sensor from 64 MP which will make up the main photographic sector. The news ends with the technical name that will distinguish it, that is karna, and the possible presentation date (July 2020).

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