Redmi K, X and Notes: Lu Weibing illustrates the differences between the series


To celebrate the occasion of the launch of the new one Redmi 10X, a smartphone in its "revolutionary" way for Xiaomi's rib, Lu Weibing thought it well to offer a recap of the series available, in order to clarify for all fans of the Chinese brand.

Lu Weibing illustrates the "four" series of Redmi


As anticipated at the beginning, the new models of the 10X family have arrived with a series of unsettling features, for fans of the Redmi mid-range. In fact, in addition to having the latest on board MediaTek Dimensity 820 (complete with a steam chamber cooling system), the devices mount AMOLED panels (with integrated ID sensors), offer Dual 5G Standby and a photographic sector that - at least on paper - seems to be respectable. The price? It starts from €205 (1.599 yuan) for the 10/6 GB Redmi 64X!

Seen the launch of the new series X, Lu Weibing has published a brief summary of the Redmi product families. As can also be seen from the image published by the executive, the K series represents the top of the brand, with top performance and the maximum from a technological point of view.

The new family X, on the other hand, will not be outdone, but will derive directly from the main series, bringing top features (or rather, some) to a affordable price. Then we have the series Footnotes to the story, a family of mid-range devices that needs no introduction. Redmi's boss ends with the range Digital. Unfortunately, some linguistic limitations do not allow us to fully understand the meaning of this last category, perhaps in reference to an entry level series or dedicated to the Chinese house's IoT products.

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