Redmi 10X is a brave Fruit Ninja: vegetables don't scare him!

redmi 10x pro

From Xiaomi there is the will to make even the mid-ranges worthy of having valuable characteristics. The last Redmi 10X e 10X Pro I am proof of this, starting from the photographic system with a telephoto lens. The screen is an AMOLED, technology always dear to those who pay close attention to visual quality. The manufacturer wanted to make the screen as beautiful as it is resistant by using glass Gorilla Glass 5 which is also taken up later.

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Poor Redmi 10X: hit by fruit and vegetables at 50 km / h

And what better way to test the resistance of Redmi 10X if not ... with pepper shots? Redmi has released an atypical video to say the least, where we see Redmi 10X being targeted by shots of fruit and vegetables.

The coating of the body present on Redmi 10X makes the smartphone resistant to scratches and splashes. This is why we wanted to create this nice spot, where fruit and vegetables are shot at 50 km / h on the phone.

The company is not new to such marketing campaigns. Let's remember for example Redmi Note 7, for the occasion thrown down the stairs and used as skates, or the tests carried out on Notes redmi 8 Pro. Let's just hope it doesn't easy to break like Redmi K30.

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