Realme X50 Pro 5G review: welcome the new flagship killer!

realme x50 pro

Since when Realme also landed here in Italy, officially unveiled several devices. However, he did not want to start with caution in our market, immediately going strong with some really captivating products. Among these, in fact, we certainly remember Realme X2 Pro, still highly recommended in its price range, as well as the new series Realm 6, which convinced us so much. Taking a look at the list of smartphones currently on sale, or which will arrive in poco, we also find Realme X50 Pro 5G (we have already seen how it behaves with the GCam). This device therefore represents the truth flagship of the company, appearing on the market with a truly impressive value for money. Let's find out better, however, within ours Full review.

Realme X50 Pro 5G review


As usual, by now, the sales package is completely yellow, really minimal. Taking a look inside, then, we find:

  • Realme X50 Pro 5G;
  • USB / USB Type-C cable;
  • wall power supply, with European socket;
  • soft protective cover in transparent TPU;
  • protective film for the screen;
  • pin for removing the SIM slot;
  • short instruction manual, with warranty.

Design & Materials

At the moment we do not find too many differences, on an aesthetic level, between the various smartphones on the market. Within this panorama, therefore, it is often the details that make the difference. Reason why we cannot fail to praise this Realme X50 Pro, thanks to the matt finish shown on the front glass, which really gives the touch a sense of great attention to detail. Unlike many other glossy covers, in fact, the fingerprints tend to disappear almost immediately, always making the device clean. So I think so far this is one of the best smartphones produced by the Chinese brand in terms of constructive level there are no imperfections. You just have to be careful handling it without a protective cover, due to the excessive slipperiness caused by this satin surface.

realme x50 pro

We are not dealing with a featherweight, or a smartphone easy to use with one hand. At the level of dimensions, therefore, we find these measures: 158,96 x 74,24 x 9,37 mm, with a weight of approx 207 grams. After a few days you get used to handling this product quite easily, not placing itself absolutely at the top of the ranking of the most uncomfortable products of this 2020. It also shows a considerable thickness but, in this case, the Quad Room rear really sticks out poco with respect to the device profile. Realme has decided, however, to recall not only the color on the side frame Rust Red shown on the rear body, but also the satin effect. We are therefore dealing with an extremely refined but, in some respects, fragile product. Despite this, perhaps one of the most striking things about this phone, at first glance, is precisely the chosen color, characterized by lighting effects that make it even more iridescent. When I speak of attention to detail, however, I intend to emphasize the company's willingness to take care of every detail. If not, in fact, it would never have been possible to introduce inside the On / off button a thin yellow strip, which basically recalls the colors of the company.

realme x50 pro

Taking a look at the arrangement of the various hardware components, we find on the left frame i volume rocker keys, at the top of the microphone for the suppression of environmental noise and on the bottom it SIM slot, main microphone, the entrance USB Type-C and system speaker. I will tell you later about the photographic sector of this smartphone but, for the moment, I invite you to take a quick look at the back. The whole rear surface, therefore, is only interrupted by the Quad Room arranged vertically, also facilitated by single flash LED.

I am aware that many of you will use it with the protective cover, but on this smartphone we find a glass Corning Gorilla Glass 5 which should protect the device enough from the slightest scratches.


Realme X50 Pro 5G mounts a AMOLED display da 6,44 " with resolution FHD + (2.400 x 1080 pixels), 92% screen-to-body-ratio, DCI-P3, maximum brightness of 1.000 nits, support atHDR 10 +, form factor in 20: 9, refresh rate equal to 90Hz and touchscreen sampling rate of 180Hz. Is that enough for you?

realme x50 pro

I do not think that such a product is easily found in the price range of this smartphone. Taking a look at the technical characteristics of the display, in fact, it seems clear how the brand wanted to really push a lot on this aspect, providing a package as complete as possible. Besides all these data, however, I can confirm that in terms of performance, in daily use, it does not disappoint expectations. In fact, I didn't have any problems viewing all the contents on the screen, even in direct sunlight. A sign that, at least in this case, the brightness sensor does an excellent job, showing itself rather responsive. Only in conditions of almost total darkness, sometimes I noticed a certain laziness in automatically lowering the brightness of the panel, but it is still a small smudge that can also be forgiven. What, however, I still can't digest too much is the presence of a thin plastic layer that divides the display from the aluminum frame. You will also have noticed the large front hole, which houses two cameras.

realme x50 pro

On a chromatic level we find colors well reproduced and, frankly, not very saturated. Not for this, however, we do not find well marked contrasts. From this point of view, indeed, we are facing an excellent unity. In case you were not satisfied, however, with the color calibration which is installed by default on this smartphone, you could change it in the appropriate settings menu. Then there is also the eye protection, which in fact protects eyesight in the most critical hours of the day. Even in this case, however, you can change this option by setting the start and end times.

Obviously a refresh rate a 90Hz change all perspectives. It almost seems superfluous, therefore, to confirm the speed shown by this smartphone, in all movements. You will almost feel like flying from one app to another, without noticing big problems. With the sample rate of the touchscreen a 180Hzthen, you will have a response to the greater touch, even if in this case it cannot personally notice such a substantial difference compared to other devices that do not have this type of feature. As is often said, therefore, everything is broth.

Unlocking Systems

As on many other competing products, also on this device we find two main unlocking systems: biometric sensor and face unlock.

Looking better at the functioning of the fingerprint sensor, I must admit that I was faced with one of the fastest components in this area. I think, after all, it's one of the most responsive and precise sensors, unlocking the smartphone about 9 times out of 10. I had no problems, therefore, with this component which, among other things, I exploited almost completely alone. I want to say, therefore, that at some point I set aside the face unlock and I only used the unlocking by recognition of the fingerprint.

What are the reasons that led me to abandon the face unlock? They are the same ones that, in each review, I report to you in this paragraph. Although on this unit they are well present two front cameras, both are not used for face recognition. Only the main one is activated, therefore the 2D release through this sensor, as well as being poco sure, it is quite ineffective in some conditions. In the dark, in fact, unless you have set the brightness of the display to the maximum, the system will not recognize the face.

Hardware & Performance

Who said that to have a premium product in your hands you need to spend more than 800 euros? Nobody, and in fact this device is the confirmation. Realme X50 Pro 5G mounts a SoC Snapdragon 865, therefore Qualcomm's latest solution. It is therefore a unit octa-core, realized a 7nm, which presents this type of configuration: 2 x ARM Cortex A77 2.84GHz + 2 x ARM Cortex A77 at 2.42GHz + 4 x ARM Cortex A55 at 1.8GHz. Therefore, these components are accompanied by one Adreno GPU 650, as well as a fifth generation Qualcomm AI system. Taking a look at the memories present, then, we find up to 12GB of LPDDR5 RAM (our version) e 256GB of internal storage of type UFS 3.0.

You cannot ask for much better for a product of this type, also because on the performance side it is not possible to go further. With the initial equipment we have just seen, this device is best expressed in any condition, even in times of high stress. Going to tease the system, moving suddenly inside theinterface, and moving quickly from one application to another, it will not be possible to notice large imperfections. Sometimes some small lag is shown, some animation less fluid than usual, but this has absolutely no influence on his performance. By using the smartphone in a classic way, in fact, you will not experience any of this. I admit, therefore, that I have put perhaps more than due effort to his abilities, precisely because I expect him to always return a certain type of performance. I would therefore like to specify that it has not disappointed me from this point of view.

On board this smartphone there is a space steam cooling system that does its job well. In fact, even in the most stressful phases, I have never noticed excessive heat on the back of the device. After a few tens of minutes of gaming, however, a more marked warmth begins on the back, at the top, but everything remains normal. The same goes for the various hours spent, perhaps, in front of Netflix o Amazon Prime Video. You can count, however, on Widevine type L1 certification, so if you view streaming content you can enjoy the highest possible quality.

As said, with this smartphone you can safely play with different titles in the Play Store, even the heaviest ones. It will be very satisfying to play, therefore, on Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG e Real Racing 3, with stable frame-rate and almost no lag. With the Game Space, then, you will be able to customize your gaming experience, changing the frequency of arrival of the notifications or, alternatively, silencing them completely.



Realme X50 Pro 5G is based on Android 10, showing off the new Realme UI 1.0 and security patch of April 5, 2020. We have not yet found a smartphone of the brand that works badly with this customization of Android, therefore this device does not differ from the others in this sense.

As already mentioned, therefore, I was able to enjoy a truly complete experience with this system. Not just for all applications present, those pre-installed by Realme itself, but also for the brightness shown in daily use. In fact, I have never attended a sudden restart smartphone or some application crashes, a sign that everything is always handled exactly, without jolts. With 12GB of RAM, then, you really won't have any problems with the multitasking, keeping many apps in memory even after several hours. I am convinced that even in the basic variant, the 6GB one, the smartphone performs well in this respect. It is not in doubt, however, the fact that such a quantity of memory does not put practically any limit to the device, offering truly optimal management of all processes.

Looking at the system in more detail, we find one graphic style pleasant, much more "international" than that shown by the previous ColorOS 6. Here everything is inspired much more by the Pixel Experience. Among the most sought after apps, however, there is space Phone management, which monitors the smartphone in all its parts, as well as the one that allows you to clone your phone or individual apps. Inside the settings, then, the options of Customization they are even wider than previous versions of ColorOS. We will therefore be able to change the style of all the icons, to set the various unlocking systems, to activate the smart services, take advantage of them various gesture (with screen on or off), activate i parental controls and much more.


realme x50 pro

I propose, below, the characteristics of all the various photographic sensors on the device. On board, in fact, there is space for a rear quad-camera characterized by a main goal da 64MP, a Samsung GW1, with opening f / 1.8 and FOV 78.6 °. Then follows a telephoto da 12MP with opening f / 2.5, as well as a lens wide-angle lens da 8MP with opening f / 2.3 e FOV 119 ° and an additional sensor from 2MP, in black and white, which should help the whole compartment in portrait mode.

Taking a look at the images taken in the daytime hours, let's see how these express good quality. These are not exceptional photos, this is obvious, but the rendering of the details is quite good. Indeed, in some cases this is even higher than that expressed by Google Camera that we have installed on this device (find our guide to this link). We see, however, how the color rendering is really excellent, always taking advantage of theAutomatic HDR, which in fact only takes over in some cases. I did not find any particular problems with white balance or excessive overexposure, which on products of this type could easily manifest themselves. Obviously, quality falls by taking advantage of wide angle camera and performing macro. Precisely on the latter, in fact, I was not too satisfied with the yield, remaining in my opinion under enough. In case you want to shoot a close subject I advise you to stay at a certain distance from the subject itself, to then perform a crop of the image in post-production. You will get a surely higher quality in this way.

In night shots, as also highlighted by the comparison with the GCam, the quality of the details leaves something to be desired. With one zoom on the image, in fact, one immediately notices how the contours of the objects are irregular, giving on the whole a vision of the image that is not entirely clear and close to reality. Despite this, however, the Night Mode it helps in this sense, offering a much better light management and a higher contrast, with much more marked colors. As a test I also tried to use the 64MP lens, making the most of it, but even in this case I was unable to limit the digital noise and details poco marked. In this respect, therefore, it could have been done slightly better.

In daily use the double front hole it is not a problem. Inside, in fact, there is a lens for 32MP with opening f / 2.5, therefore a sensor Sony IMX616, and an additional goal wide-angle lens da 8MP, with FOV 105 ° and opening f / 2.2. As on a few other smartphones in this price range, therefore, it is possible to shoot with the selfie camera using the wide-angle effect. It is one of those functions that at this moment may be useless but that, at the end of this quarantine, will allow us to incorporate multiple subjects into our selfies.

I must say that the quality expressed by this sector is not bad at all, although I would have preferred a better performance, especially with regard to an aspect. Almost in all the shots it seems that it is very light beauty filter, which deprives the image of greater detail. If the system did not tend to slightly modify the shot, therefore, the final yield would be even more satisfactory. A different story applies, however, for the wide-angle sensor. I would not have expected such a good quality from such a lens, both at night and during the light hours. It is not something so shocking, but it does not often happen to find a wide-angle sensor on the front that reaches at least enough.


This smartphone allows you to record in 4k to 60fps, ma anche in 1080p to 60fps. There are, however, some clarifications to be made. When we go to use 60fps it is not possible to take advantage of the wide-angle lens, whether you record in 4k or if you use 1080p. Instead, we will be able to quickly switch to zoom 2x e 5x. Beyond this, therefore, I must say that I was quite satisfied with the quality returned by this sector.

Realme X50 Pro offers a UIS stabilization, a hybrid system that allows you to return images as stable as possible, without the type of movement effect due to strong jolts. This type of technology, among other things, works with the entire rear quad-camera, making it even easier to take the view in front of us even during a walk. I have not noticed any big problems, therefore, during the recording phase, even with the various changes of light, always responding well to the different variations. When i is set 30fpsHowever, and therefore the wide angle lens is used, the transition to this camera is a bit too slow. One senses, visually, the detachment from one room to another. As you move, then, this variation is even more marked.

Despite everything, this phone offers an almost unique dynamism of its kind, implementing some interesting functions also on the front. It will therefore be possible to record at most in 1080p at 30fps and, in this case too, I must say that stabilization is not bad at all. In fact, it is possible to obtain a more than acceptable result, also using the dynamic bokeh mode.


Taking a look at this sector we find, first of all, the Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac / ax Dual Band. Thanks to this module, therefore, I managed to always navigate quite well, even in the areas of the house that are usually more difficult to reach for the network. However, the 4G +, which with Fastweb did not cause me any problems, not even externally. Obviously this device supports 5G but, at the moment, I have not been able to test this function. Just know, for now, that the download speed, theoretically, is 3,45 Gbps, being able to manage even streaming content in 4k without any problem.

On board this smartphone, then, we find the Bluetooth 5.1, GPS / A-GPS / Glonass / Beidou e NFC. Unfortunately, the 3,5mm audio jack is missing. For a few days it has been possible to do something more outside the home, so I was able to test the GPS during a simple walk. This module seemed excellent to me, hooking the satellite almost instantly and allowing me to navigate the streets quite precisely.

Audio & Calls

I remind you, first of all, that only one can be installed on this smartphone single nano SIM. Therefore, the second phone card or microSD card was not provided. Beyond this, however, theaudio in call it is really perfect, without any disturbance. During all the various calls made I did not experience any problems, with the interlocutor who always said he heard my voice quite clearly.

Looking more closely at the device, we notice the presence of one speaker on the bottom. This is assisted, however, by the presence of an additional component of this type, positioned under the ear capsule. With a stereo audio of this type, therefore, it is possible to enjoy any multimedia content without any problem, with good quality. There are no marked basses, but in a small percentage they are still present. To the maximum volume, then, I have not noticed any kind of distortion, although high tones are favored slightly. Everything changes, of course, with the use of a pair of true wireless headphones, or classic (via adapter), which allow you to better exploit the audio quality of this smartphone. Inside, in fact, there is no lack of support for Dolby Atmos and to technology Hi-Res audio.


One is hidden under the body battery da 4.200 mAh. This allows you, therefore, to definitely end at least one working day without any problem, but perhaps I would have expected something more. Obviously this smartphone was used like all the others, therefore with different email accounts in the background, many minutes spent on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, use of the camera for different shots, several tens of minutes of gaming, various chat applications such as Whatsapp and Telegram, active GPS, active Bluetooth, connection mainly in 4G + and, only partially, in Wi-Fi. All this, therefore, led me to total more than 6 hours on screen turned on, on a basis of 13 hours of continuous use.

In the images that we leave you below you may find an inconsistency with what I have just told you, simply because there is still a bug in the battery settings, which marks the days instead of the hours.

These are not exciting numbers, therefore, but considering also that the refresh rate was set at 90Hz and I have never used the Dark Mode, we can be quite satisfied. This, however, is not a big deal, given that thanks to the quick charge Superdart da 65W I passed by 10 to 100% in poco less than 30 minutes.

Price & Conclusions

Realme X50 Pro the 599 € on the official website, in the version 8 / 128GB. What we have tried, therefore the 12 / 256GB, reaches 749,90 euros. These are prices, therefore, all in all contained, given above all the technical characteristics put on display. This device in particular, then, has nothing to envy to the real ones flagship present on the market, even of the most noble ones. There is a single point, perhaps, that still leaves a bitter taste in the mouth, and it is the photographic sector. I have not found, in fact, a level equal to that shown by other much more expensive phones (but also of the same price), but I think it is simply a software problem. In fact, I am convinced that Realme can still improve a lot in this respect. Despite everything, however, the quality shown in the video recording is absolutely satisfactory.

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Would you recommend it? Absolutely yes. We will also be able to compare it with other new products, which more or less navigate in this same price range, so for the moment I cannot tell you for sure if it is actually a best buy. If only he had come out during this period, I would have had no problem promoting him as such.