Realme X3 SuperZoom: this is how it shoots with the 60x Zoom

realme x3 superzoom sample 60x

Being now close to presentation of the new Realme X3 SuperZoom, three new samples come out in these hours showing the qualities of the module with Zoom up to 60x (like this one showing the shots at night).

Realme SuperZoom X3: Zoom 60x is shown in the first sample

realme x3 superzoom sample 60x 2

Going to take a closer look at the three shots posted as samples for Realme Z3 SuperZoom, we see how in all three shooting modes it behaves quite well, as underlined in both 5x optical zoom (which is the most interesting shooting mode) and in the maximum zoom at 60x, where you can see some noise but we are in the limit of the natural. The shooting quality in the basic camera is also good not zommata. We do not know at the moment how it could render in the selfie camera, not yet revealed.

realme x3 superzoom sample 60x 3

We just have to wait for the official release to know all the final details of this new flagship product from Realme.

And they convince you these new shots ofX3 SuperZoom? Please let us know in the comments.

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