Realme celebrates big: send a million wireless headphones

realme selling wireless headphones

The success of Realme it does not only come from the sale of millions of smartphones since it was born in 2018 to today, but also from its accessories as they can be wireless headphones. In fact, the Chinese brand has just set a new personal record of 1 million wireless headphones shipped worldwide, pending the launch of the new Buds air neo.

Realme: many users have chosen Buds Air and Wireless

realme sale wireless headphones 2

The result achieved by Realme it is interesting because the first headphones launched by the brand, the Buds Wireless, arrived in September. So, in just eight months, she managed to ship a million pieces, with the Buds air the second TWS were found best selling in 2019 after AirPods In India.

realme sale wireless headphones 3

But the future looks even brighter for Realme. In fact, the same company has announced that it is about to launch more than 50 trendy tech products within the year, be it for the person, For the casa or from journey. In this way, Realme aims to create its own ecosystem capable of satisfying every technological need of its users.

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