In the last period I am trying an incredible amount of true wireless headphones, this is because the market is getting richer and richer in wireless solutions at an affordable price and of excellent quality. This time it's the turn of Realme Buds Air, or Bluetooth headsets that look a lot like AirPods, but which are sold at a third of their price.

However, in this review I don't want to compare them to the home solution Apple or their classic clones (i10, i12, i200 etc), but to excellent TWS headphones that come close to their price, or the Xiaomi Mi Air 2S. So let's not get lost in further chat and let's analyze them together!

Realme Buds Air review

Unboxing - Realme Buds Air

Le Realme Buds Air they are sold in a beautiful solid yellow cardboard box and inside we find the following equipment:

  • Realme Buds Air;
  • USB charging cable - USB Type-C;
  • instruction manual in English.

Design and construction

Le Realme Buds Air look very much like AirPods, both from the point of view of the case and the earphones, if we go to compare them, we note that they are not the exact 1: 1 copy and that Realme more than anything else he tried to take inspiration from a successful model rather than launch yet another clone.

Realme Buds Air

La constructive quality headphones is good for its price range, but comparing them with the Xiaomi Mi Air 2S there is no story, because the home solution Xiaomi he used cheaper plastics to the touch, finishing the details with minutia.

Realme Buds Air

Don't get me wrong, the Realme they have an excellent magnetic closure, a flap that does not dance and a good general solidity, but perhaps I would have expected something more.

Headphones really are lightweight, we are talking about 4.2 grams and the wearability is excellent: even after long sessions of use you will not feel any discomfort and, in addition, they will remain firmly in the ears even during sports.

Compared to headphones by Xiaomi they have the advantage of being a little less flashy, but certainly more recognizable than some AirPods (evaluate if it is an advantage for you or not).

also the Realme Buds Air have a touch sensitive surface through which we can manage different functions:

  • Double tap on one of the two headsets: Play / Pause, answer / end a call;
  • Three taps on one of the two earphones: go to the next song;
  • Long press on one of the two: activate the voice assistant;
  • Prolonged pressure on both: activate / deactivate the Gaming Mode.

La sensibility è pretty good, I had no problems pausing or calling back the voice assistant, but sometimes to change the song I had to repeat the operation a couple of times because I was taking the Play / Pause command.

Unfortunately, just like the Xiaomi Mi Air 2S, we find no command to raise or lower the volume and we'll have to do it from the smartphone.

Realme Buds Air

For the rest also on Realme Buds Air we find a proximity sensor that will allow us to stop / resume listening to music every time we remove / reinsert the headset. I must say that it is very efficient and also a hair faster than the counterpart of Xiaomi.

On board these headphones we find two microphones, which will try to reduce environmental noise through theENC. Furthermore, we can use each of the two earphones individually without any kind of problem, as we do not have a master headset. Remember, however, that in this way you will not be able to activate the Gaming Mode.

If the limitation remains only for this mode, I must say that the gestures are more functional on Realme Buds Air, because using individually the Xiaomi Mi Air 2S we are more penalized. In fact, if we wear the left we will not be able to pause the songs, but only to call the voice assistant unless we are going to change the settings on the app. The same goes for the right.

However I point out that through the application Realme link it will be possible to customize them gestures to your liking, but we will talk about this later.

The charging case has rounded shapes and is very convenient to put in your pocket thanks to the compact dimensions: 51.3 x 45.3 x 25.3 millimeters for a weight of 42.3 grams.

At the bottom there is the USB Type-C input, while at the front we only see the button for the initial pairing and the status LED. About the latter let's see how it works:

  • Green light: if the case is 100% charged, once opened, this light will appear for about 3 seconds;
  • Yellow light: if the charge is medium;
  • Red light: will be flashing and indicate that the battery is low.

When the case is in charge instead:

  • Flashing red light: the battery is under one third;
  • Flashing yellow light: the battery is over a third, but less than two thirds;
  • Flashing green light: the battery is over two thirds, but not yet complete;
  • Steady green light: the battery is charged.

Connectivity and call quality

To carry out the first connection between Realme Buds Air and your smartphone just open the case, press the pairing button for about 3 seconds and wait for the LED to start flashing. At that point you will simply have to activate Bluetooth on your smartphone and pair them and you're done.

For the next few times it will be enough for you open the case and these will connect immediately, indeed, the process is also slightly faster than Xiaomi Mi Air 2S (we speak of a fraction of a second).

Xiaomi Mi Air 2S

We still have the Bluetooth 5.0 with GFP (Google Fast Pair Technology) and a range actual up to 10 meters, therefore we are the line with Xiaomi. However, the signal remains stable and there are no problems.

Regarding theaudio on call, as mentioned above we have a double microphone and one noise cancellation ENC (Environment Noise Cancellation Technology). We will do the usual premise, because being in quarantine I have not had the opportunity to try the headphones on a subway or in the city, for this reason I had to simulate the noise and the noises with the appropriate high volume videos.

Generally the quality is good, if you are in a room alone the audio will be sufficiently clean, while in noisy contexts the microphone will be a little more difficult, but in the end you will be able to entertain a call without problems.

Despite the sufficiency of the Realme Buds Air, Xiaomi Mi Air 2S have the best in this challenge thanks to crystal clear sound in the absence of noise and better in urban chaos.

Audio quality

With the Realme Buds Air we have support for AAC standard and quality general is very good for its price range.

Il maximum volume it is quite high even if, not being in-ear headphones, with loud noises we will partially hear the ambient sounds. The audio quality is instead promoted with flying colors because we have a good balance of frequencies with a good presence of bass even if with maximum volume you might notice one slight distortion.

For this reason between the two I have to say that I prefer the audio of the Xiaomi Mi Air 2S, but if you don't want to spend absolutely more than 50 € then with the Realme you will be fine.

Xiaomi Mi Air 2S

With regard to the latency I have encountered fluctuating performances, as sometimes in videos the synchrony between audio and images was good, while at other times I find a latency of a few fractions of a second. Fortunately we have the Gaming Mode which allows us to reduce delays and you can easily see videos or films in this mode.

In gaming we still have one slight latency, but it is not so obvious as to compromise its playability, so these are the best choice if you want to play it often. However, both Realme Buds Air that the Xiaomi Mi Air 2S they can also be updated and therefore could solve both of their problems in the future.


Realme Buds Air can also be updated through a company proprietary application, that is Realme Link. In addition, it will be possible to change the gestures functions of each individual headset.

We can therefore choose whether to keep the same settings for both, so in case we remove one we would still have all the features (except Gaming Mode), or if we divide them between these:

  • Play / Pause;
  • Next song;
  • Previous Song;
  • Call back the voice assistant;
  • Shutdown.

In addition, it will be possible to change the gestures functions of each individual headset. I must say that from this point of view Realme allows us to move more freely than Xiaomi.

Update after updating the software to this version it seems that the Gaming Mode has disappeared. Several users complain about the absence, while others do not, so at the moment it seems to be an isolated problem.


Under the body we find a battery whose capacity is not communicated, however the brand communicates that it can go up to 17 hours of total playback e 3 hours per session. Obviously this depends on your type of use, but now I show you mine:

  • 3 hours continuous video playback with about 30 minutes of gaming (PUBG);
  • 2 hours music playback with maximum volume.

All in all the result is good, but if we go to compare them with the Xiaomi Mi Air 2S then we can see how the latter are better. On the other hand, given the size we should have a more generous battery, so it fits.

Xiaomi Mi Air 2S

To recharge the headphones in the case we will need approx 30 / 40 minutes, while to recharge the case of approx 1 30 hours and minutes and to make matters worse, wireless charging support is also present here.

Conclusions and price - Realme Buds Air

Le Realme Buds Air are available on EdWayBuy with shipping fromItaly only 45 € with coupon "GIZCHINARMBUDS", a very attractive price given the excellent quality of these TWS headphones.

In fact, if you are looking for a pair of earphones not in-ear with maximum budget di 50 € these could be the right choice and certainly better than the many clones of the AirPods.

However, if we wanted to continue making the comparison with the Xiaomi Mi Air 2S then the latter would take the lead for audio, autonomy and microphone. I point out that in Gaming le Realme they performed much better and I noticed a greater reactivity in the connectivity between headphones and phone.

The solution of Xiaomi it is obviously more expensive, but let's talk about 65 € with ours exclusive coupons (subscribe to Telegram channel of GizDeals to receive these special discounts). I know that under 100 euros, 20 € they can make a difference, but if you want to be sure that you are buying the best product within a certain budget then these are the right choice.