OPPO Find X2 Neo review: how much closer to Find X2 Pro!

oppo find x2 neo

We live in a very particular period, in which we have practically no longer any possibility of being totally free. With the current pandemic of Coronavirus (Covid-19) which forced us to stay at home, it seems difficult to think that companies will continue to produce new devices. In fact, however, this is the case, and one brand in particular does nothing but confirm it. From pocoin fact, two new products have arrived in Italy in particular: Oppo Find X2 Neo and Find X2 Lite. Today we will try the first of these two, to see if really tele device has managed to get closer to the performance offered by Find X2 Pro, the true top of the range of the Chinese brand. Let's take a deeper look, therefore, at this smartphone, inside ours Full review.

OPPO Find X2 Neo review


By taking a look at the packaging, you immediately realize that you are in front of a well-kept terminal, in all its parts. There are also some components that we should be able to find paired with each smartphone. Inside the box, in fact, we find:

  • OPPO Find X2 Neo;
  • USB / USB Type-C cable;
  • wall power supply, with European socket;
  • plastic film pre-applied on the front glass;
  • pin for removing the SIM slot;
  • soft transparent TPU cover;
  • non-in-ear headphones with USB Type-C;
  • User Manual;

Design & Materials

I never expected to find such a manic cure in making this device. We must also consider, however, that we are dealing with a fairly expensive product, which therefore needs some attention even during the realization phase. The whole rear body, in glass, does not present any particular play of light in our variant Starry Blue. Just leave home for a moment, however, to notice the blue shades that run along its entire surface. Compared with Find the X2 Prohowever, it is immediately clear how the dimensions are slightly smaller. Here, in fact, we have a phone that measures 159,4 x 72,4 x 7,7 mm, With a weight of 171 grams. Therefore, you will not make any effort in handling such a device. In daily use, in fact, I have always managed to use it without any problem, even without any cover applied. In case you decide to remove the latter, however, you should deal with excessive slipperiness of the back.

oppo find x2 neo

Here all edges are curved, both the front glass than the one on the back. Despite this, the angles are less accentuated than those offered by Find X2 Pro, therefore it is much easier to handle. The lateral metal frame also has a larger surface, inside which all the most important components have been positioned. On the right, therefore, we find the key of ON / OFF, while the two keys of the volume balance have been placed on the opposite front. There is also the microphone for the suppression of environmental noise, which resides at the top, as well as all the other components placed further down. Along this surface, therefore, we have the SIM slot, the main microphone, the entrance USB Type-C and system speaker. You will not be able not to notice the presence of the photographic module placed on the back, which however does not take up too much space.

I found a very balanced weight on this product, as well as a better grip than that experienced on other competing products. Also in terms of cleanliness, then, on the oleophobic treatment of the two glass panels, I must say that the brand has done an excellent job.


On board this Find X2 Neo we find a AMOLED display da 6,5" equipped with a resolution FHD + (1.080 x 2.400 pixels), of well PPI 402, with a maximum brightness of 800 thread and a refresh rate equal to 90Hz. As on X2 Pro, then, here we have a curved front glass, along the two side edges, which ends its run directly on the metal body. Unlike the top of the range of the family, however, the curvature on Find X2 Neo it is much less accentuated, making it more manageable and less prone to unexpected touches on the screen. I preferred, therefore, this solution, which still gives a premium look to the product without compromising its ease of use in everyday life. Finally, there is no lack of certification TUV Rheinland Low Blue Light, which reduces the blue light output of the display.

oppo find x2 neo

Taking a look at the range of colors returned from this panel, we see how OPPO has worked well in this regard. In its price range, in fact, perhaps this unit is one of the best, offering colors very close to reality, even if slightly too rich in contrast. It will be really a pleasure, therefore, to take advantage of the dark mode for example, thanks to the deep blacks. Then, in direct sunlight, I can guarantee that the brightness sensor it does quite well. I just have to note the fact that, perhaps returning to a lower and less strong light condition, it struggles a moment more to adapt. In fact, when I used this smartphone in the dark, the display often had too bright a brightness, not keeping itself on a lower level. Some problems, then, could also come from the poor oleophobicity of the panel, which however is not one of the worst on the market.

oppo find x2 neo

Nothing negative to say about the touch screen. This works very well in any condition, even in the most hectic writing stages. While browsing the interface or, more simply, on Chrome, I did not notice any burrs. Good also the sensibility along the side edges, while maintaining a low profile in this respect. It never happened to me, therefore, to inadvertently click a window or an application that was in conjunction with this surface. Many do not like this design, it is therefore important to specify this attention from the brand. In any case, there is no shortage of thin frames along the frames, especially on the top and bottom. Attention placed, then, also at the forum, top left, which is perhaps the smallest in its category in terms of size. On smartphones belonging to the same price range, in fact, we often found much larger holes. Here, so to speak, the dimensions are identical to those used for Find X2 Pro, so it is not at all invasive.

Unlocking Systems

As on many other competing smartphones, also on this Find X2 Neo we find two main unlocking systems: the biometric sensor and Face Unlock.

Taking a look at the first method, we see how this sensor has been positioned under the display. How does it work? Very well, in almost all situations. I have no doubt to tell you that in terms of speed and responsiveness we are really at an excellent level. By placing your finger on the indicated surface, the sensor always recognizes ours footprint, often even in cases where we do not place our finger perfectly within the designated area. In this respect, therefore, I can tell you with absolute sincerity that I have only used this method, and below I will explain the reasons for my choice.

Activating the face recognition through selfie camera you end up having to always consider the same problems. With this method, in fact, we feel very comfortable during the day, because with a good brightness the camera has no problem recognizing us. During the darkest hours of the evening, however, it becomes practically impossible to exploit it properly, still having to rely on the fingerprint sensor.

Hardware & Performance

There are many similarities with the company's top-of-the-range smartphone, although the hardware inside this device is, in the end, quite different. Under the shell, therefore, we find a SoC Snapdragon 765G, therefore an octa-core solution with a configuration of this type: 1 x 76GHz Cortex A-2,4 + 1 x 76GHz Cortex-A2,2 + 6 x 55GHz Cortex-A1,8. To accompany this component we find, then, an Adreno 620 GPU, supported by well 12GB RAM e 256GB of internal memory (not expandable).

You may not believe the words you are about to read. I want to share with you, however, that you never feel like you are in this case poco the lack of a Snapdragon 865. In everyday use, in fact, there has never been the slightest problem with this smartphone, from all points of view. Going to open different tabs on Chrome, for example, I did not notice the slightest slowdown of the device, as well as in navigating within multitasking. Thanks to a RAM LPDDR4X indeed very capacious, in fact, you will have the possibility to keep many different applications in memory. Suffice it to say that, after days and without ever erasing the space in the RAM, I found it still open Autodesk SketchBook, an application for drawing. What impressed me, more than anything else, is that the project I was working on two days before was still present in the home.

With this Find X2 Neo I have not experienced any problems with regards to temperature. It seems that the multilayer liquid cooling system manages this problem well, even if during the most stressful phases it is possible to feel a slight warmth on the back of the smartphone. However, it is not easy to put him in difficulty in this respect, a sign that the optimization developed by the company has paid off. Even with some more performing video games, like Call of Duty Mobile, you can play smoothly, without any frame drop.



ColorOS 7, this is the password. We would not find ourselves talking about such a balanced smartphone if, on board, this excellent personalization of Android 10. Let's not forget, then, that there is also space on board security patch of March 5, 2020. It is, therefore, a rather updated smartphone that, in the coming months, should continue to receive constant updates. Despite this, however, the problems encountered are very few in everyday use. It starts, therefore, already from a good starting point.

We have had this device on trial for several days and, probably, our pre-production unit is not yet fully optimized. Despite this, everything runs rather smoothly and it is really difficult to find fault with it in this respect. I therefore believe that ColorOS 7 has really given an extra boost to the brand, offering a more accurate, minimal and close interface to the experience offered by Pixels. Unlike the latter devices, however, here the Customization it is much wider. Now it will be possible, in fact, to develop a series of really interesting changes, like it icons style, L 'always on display and much more. To be clear, we get very close to what we have always found on Xiaomi's MIUI.

We are not going to show you every feature of the software installed on this smartphone. You must know, however, that this interface offers different functions very common in China, which could also be appreciated here in Italy. We find, in fact, the application dedicated to phone management, which actually checks that everything is in place inside the smartphone. If any threats or abnormal battery usage by any app is detected, you will surely be notified by this same program. There are also all the system applications, with which you can manage practically any activity including mail, music, weather and much more. As always, moreover, from the home it is possible to have direct access to theIntelligent Assistant, which offers you a series of quick toggle and functions that, if necessary, could be very useful.

It will also be possible to take advantage of several gesture, not only a screen lit. like the ones that replace the navigation bar, but also those with the display off. With a double tap on the front glass, for example, we can wake up the screen very easily. Or, by lifting the smartphone from the ground when it is in standby, the display is automatically activated on the lock screen page, allowing us to watch the latest notifications. Thanks to ColorOS 7, then, you will also have the ever on display available, which can be customized in different ways, deciding what to display on the screen.


oppo find x2 neo

There are 4 main cameras on this back. We therefore have a main bedroom from 48MP with opening f / 1.7 (1 / 2.0 ′, 0.8um), assisted by the presence of a wide-angle lens da 8MP and opening f / 2.2 (1 / 3.2 ′, 1.4um), a telephoto da 13MP with f / 2.4 (1 / 3.4 ′, 1.0um) and one last monochromatic sensor da 2MP (1 / 5.0 ′, 1.75um).

From this point of view, I would have expected higher quality in all conditions. I must admit, however, that the yield shown of day it cannot be matched even at night, where the images turn out to be devoid of details and really poco bright. Despite this, by first analyzing the behavior of the sensors in flawless light conditions, one notices quality lived up to expectations. Whites are very well balanced, even in very difficult light conditions, restoring colors close to reality and without excessive contrast. There is an average attention to detail, which does not excel compared to that found on many other competing products. Even taking advantage of the other rooms available, therefore, one remains quite satisfied. With the hybrid zoom to 5xfor example, it is possible to take very small portions from the space in front of us but, from a certain point of view, it is really useful to use it only in optimal environmental conditions. The same applies, therefore, to the wide-angle lens which, being only 8MP, suffers terribly in terms of image quality, still showing a practically non-existent distortion effect.

Looking better at the photos taken during the night hours we notice a problem that also arose with other lower-end devices from the same company. It seems, in fact, that the main sensor manages to capture little light, although in fact its technical characteristics should allow it to be much more efficient from this point of view. I notice that often, however, the images are too dark, devoid of important details. Even at the light level, all artificial sources are badly managed, a situation that does not improve with the Night Mode. In this respect, in fact, the software of other companies, such as Xiaomi, manages to do much better. I firmly believe, therefore, that OPPO should get to work from this point of view, greatly improving the nighttime performance of the shots. I do not pay particular attention to the other lenses, because taking advantage of the hybrid zoom and the wide-angle sensor you get shots under enough.

We note that there is actually one inside the front hole selfie camera. This has a sensor from 32MP with opening f / 2.4. Here we find shots really rich in contrast, which return colors often far from reality. Despite this, however, in optimal light conditions the yield is by no means insufficient, proving useful for any sharing on social networks. At night, then, detail is lost, with the image being more mixed, but still usable.


I think the best part of the whole sector is represented by the videos. With OPPO Find X2 Neo, in fact, we will have the opportunity to shoot clips in 4k to 30fps e 1080p to 60fps, also being able to count on technology OIS + EIS. In terms of stabilization, however, it did not particularly surprise me in daily use. Some better results are obtained only with the Ultra Steady Video 2.0, also supported by 1080p to 60fps, which by combining electronics with the capabilities of the optics itself, manages to show much more fluid and less prone to shaking content. Nothing changes, however, regarding the intrinsic quality of the images, which remain good but certainly not exceptional.

Despite everything, however, I appreciated the autofocus, really efficient, as well as the application dedicated to a video editing quick and easy, call soloop. Thanks to it you can quickly get your video edited, adding various clips and introducing music, effects, and much more. It is an interface designed specifically for smartphones, so it should not be too difficult for anyone.


I believe that nothing is missing from this smartphone to be considered a complete device. We remind you, however, that on board there is a slot containing a single one 5G nano SIMtherefore it will not be possible to add a microSD to expand the internal memory. Despite this, however, we have the Wi-Fi Dual Band, 4G connectivity (20 band included) and 5G, which supports networks SA e NSA. Besides this, then, there is no shortage of Bluetooth 5.1, GPS / A-GPS / Beidou / GLONASS / GALILEO, technology OTG el 'NFC.

I would like to talk to you in more detail about some aspects but, in this quarantine situation, I cannot do it. So I can only assure you that the network Wi-Fi it is really valid, managing to offer a discreet reception even in the areas of the house that are slightly more difficult to reach. The same goes for Fastweb's 4G, which also allowed me to enjoy a truly satisfactory connection within the walls of the house. According to the data recorded in this period, then, I have almost always traveled with the 4G + even in the apartment. I don't have a SIM that can take advantage of 5G, so I can't bring you any experience regarding this detail.

You will have no problems with the Bluetooth 5.1, being able to connect easily with any device. What I couldn't prove thoroughly, however, were mainly theNFC and GPS. Both, however, seem to work properly, having tested their performance on the way from home to the supermarket and, then, inside the store itself (for payment via NFC).

Obviously, the proximity sensor also finds space on this smartphone. I was not totally satisfied, however, with this component. In fact, it has not always been able to read the situation exactly, often activating the screen while listening to vocal audio. Even better positioning the device in the ear, I was unable to eliminate this problem completely.

Audio & Calls

OPPO Find X2 Neo has a system stereo audio, based on two speakers. In addition to the one placed at the bottom, in fact, the company has decided to mount another audio component under the ear capsule, offering better quality in every respect. There is also technology Dolby Atmos which significantly improves the final yield of this sector. Acoustically, however, I can say that I have not noticed such a shocking quality. Bass is present, albeit in a very faint way, contributing to a sound poco full-bodied even at maximum volume. Despite this, however, the two speakers do not present any distortion.

We don't have the FM radio and missing the audio jack 3,5mm. By taking advantage of the headphones (with USB Type-C input) provided, you can still get a decent quality. You will be able to listen to your favorite songs, however, also by means of true wireless headphones which, if of good quality, also return a better performance. I want to include the discussion of calls within this paragraph. From this point of view, therefore, I can say that I always managed to converse well with my interlocutor. There are no metallic noises in call and the voice is clear and clean.


On board this unit we find one battery da 4.025 mAh. It is, therefore, a unit capable of bringing you up to the evening without any problem. With my use of the smartphone, in fact, which presupposes the use mainly of the data network, with several hours spent on social networks, many open chats, five emails in the background, videos on YouTube, a few tens of minutes of gaming, a couple of video calls, I managed to reach more than 6 hours and 40 minutes of active screen, on a basis of over 16 hours and 30 minutes of continuous use.

In the images that we leave you below you may find an inconsistency with what I have just told you, simply because there is still a bug in the battery settings, which marks the days instead of the hours.

It takes approx 45 50-minute, in order to pass by 10 100% to%, thanks to the quick charge VOOC 4.0.

Price & Conclusions

OPPO Find X2 Neo has a list price of 699 €. It is not, therefore, a figure as small as we might have initially thought. What do I think of it? I think it is right, first of all, to take a look at what is on the market for this figure. We are around 700 euros and, therefore, among the smartphones that a few weeks ago came out on the market, I see OnePlus 8 as a possible rival. Not because such a device directly competes with this product, but for a simple other reason. OnePlus for poco more than 20 euros offers a complete package, with Snapdragon 865 and few compromises. Here, however, although the Snapdragon 765G has reached a truly exceptional level in terms of performance, we still remain a step below all the others.

I believe that the initial starting figure is slightly too high and that it would have been an absolute best buy if it had approached 599 euros, therefore 100 euros less than the initial figure. Apart from the photographic sector, however, on which the company can certainly do more, this device could really be one of the best smartphones released this year for value for money.

Design & Construction
Hardware & Performance
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