Sales of OnePlus 8 Pro will be limited due to lack of inventory

oneplus 8 pro sales

It is today's news i stock problems that OnePlus is having with OnePlus 8 Pro, with speculators who are taking advantage of it in crazy numbers. The media coverage of the news has prompted the company to publicly expose itself, creating a thread on its forum to explain the state of affairs. You want for the success, you want for warehouse problems, at present the users of many countries are unable to buy the top of the 2020 range. To overcome this problem, OnePlus has decided to take a step back and review their sales policies. And it is immediately 2014.

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OnePlus 8 Pro: from now on it will not be possible to buy it freely

To discuss the historic OnePlus One was not only its technical data sheet, but also the sales technique used. Being a still small company for the world of smartphones, OnePlus decided to implement an invitation policy: without the invitation you could not buy it. Since then the story has changed and OnePlus is noteworthy on a par with the most famous brands, although it does not yet have such a capillarity in the field of sales. To date, it is not possible to find OnePlus smartphones in electronics chains and the only real sales channel is the official store.

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The OnePlus press release confirms the stock problems, of which the company regrets, as it went against problems in the production chain. Probably also due to Covid-19, it has not been possible to assemble a quantity of terminals capable of satisfying the global request, having to wait weeks to receive some components.

OnePlus wanted to reassure everyone that the situation will soon be restored. However, this will not happen in the traditional way, since OnePlus 8 Pro will be offered in stages of limited sale for Europe. They will be called Thursday Flash Sales: from now on it will be possible to buy the phone every Friday from 11:00. It is a temporary solution, pending production to resume, and whose goal is to ensure that all buyers have a chance to buy it.