The OnePlus 8 camera will be improved: the company explains how


OnePlus wants to confirm his attention towards the community, with a Open Ears Forum which was held despite Covid-19's pincer. Obviously the whole thing took place online, to avoid gatherings, and the subject of the last event was the camera Series OnePlus 8. A series that is going through a not exactly easy moment, between stock problems, limited sales e updates released by mistake. Putting these unfortunate circumstances aside, OnePlus has shown that it knows how to improve, especially when it comes to software.

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OnePlus tells of the improvements that will be introduced for the OnePlus 8 series camera

In this regard, in the previous Open Ears Forum he explained how he intends to improve the OxygenOS experience, specifying what will be implemented and what will be discarded. In the event at the beginning of the year, however, she had focused precisely on camera, anticipating what we would have seen as news on the series OnePlus 8.

Going back to the present day, the May meeting served to clarify what are the improvements that OnePlus is currently working on. After collecting feedback from users, the company will improve on six main aspects. The first concerns the consistency of the white balance among all the lenses. Another point on which he wants to improve is the reduction of the halo that is created around the subjects in the Portrait shots with HDR. Speaking of Portrait, OnePlus wants to add new color effects in this bokeh shooting mode. In addition, there is a desire to further optimize the work of postprocessing, i.e. processing the image after it was taken.

As for the more software component, OnePlus has specified that it will improve the blocking interface of theself-exposure. In conclusion, a visual toggle will be added when the Tripod mode will be revealed by the smartphone. All very interesting and welcome news but which do not yet have a specific timeframe: we will have to wait for the next OxygenOS to discover them.

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