Meizu could have anticipated Nubia X and its dual display

meizu prototype

You remember Meizu PRO 7? It was launched in 2017, in the wake of the success of PRO 5 and the doubts raised with Pro 6. The company was unable to capitalize on the good things done in previous years, launching a top of the range that did not fully convince. Its peculiarity was the small one second display positioned behind and used as a viewfinder for selfies with the main camera. An idea at least intriguing but that did not seem so functional, even for an extremely small diagonal. Especially when you consider that the selfie camera (and related frames) was present, therefore you did not feel all this need for a secondary display.

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Meizu also had a dual-screen smartphone planned

The situation was very different with Nubia X, arrived later on the market but with a more successful evolution of the concept of rear display. In front, a full screen look, favored by the absence of front sensors, with the screen on the back acquiring an extra sense. That of Nubia was a more appropriate solution but that has never seen a real continuation, given that no other manufacturer has decided to embrace it.

meizu prototype

Actually the same Meizu had a prototype with this type of secondary screen, but the truth is it has never seen the light of day. Evidently the company didn't feel like launching it, considering how much poco Vendette Meizu PRO 7. There is only one photo that testifies to its existence: the back cover image shows us a clock widget, giving us a taste of what it might have looked like. Even in this case, however, the panel does not seem to be particularly large compared to what Nubia did. The edges are not well highlighted, but the writings at the bottom delimit the space where there is no screen.

Curious to note that inside there was a Samsung SoC Exynos 8890, the same used on Samsung Galaxy S7 and the same Meizu PRO 6+. This could mean that the prototype dates back to the same years as PRO 7, therefore Meizu could have somehow anticipated Nubia. And instead.

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