Lenovo Legion will be an "all in horizontal" smartphone

lenovo legion

As one of the tech big players, Lenovo is not one of the top picks in the mobile world. Precisely for this reason there is the will to differentiate from the crowd by offering a Lenovo Legion with atypical features. Given its nature as a gaming smartphone, it can boast one construction never seen before on a smartphone. It is certainly a polarizing aesthetic but one that cannot be attributed to a lack of originality. And since it is a gaming product, even the Software UI will be reworked to adapt to the context.

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The new teasers tell us how the Lenovo Legion UI will be optimized

Do you remember Nokia N-Gage, the famous gaming phone of 2013? What differentiated him most from almost all the feature phones of the time was his propensity for gaming. To facilitate this type of use came developed horizontally rather than vertically, in an era when telephones had varied shapes.

This philosophy is partially taken up by Lenovo Legion, designed to be used mainly in landscape mode. Just think that the retractable camera selfie it is positioned on the side frame instead of at the top. But also the same door USB Type-C, with which to recharge well 90 la 5000 mAh in record time, is placed laterally (but there is also one at the bottom). Not to mention the dual main chamber, located in the center and not at the ends, so that by holding it horizontally, the sensors are not covered and dirty.

The concept of horizontality will also be taken up by the software, as the latest teaser shows us. Once in landscape mode, the UI would tend to have dead spaces as Android usually is conceived. For this reason it was decided to adopt it on Lenovo Legion in such a way as to maximize everything.

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