Sales in China collapse: Huawei is the only one to resist

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2020 began in the name of the crisis for the China. Having started the Covid-19 pandemic that we know well, this was the first nation to have suffered a major market downturn. Even when it comes to smartphone, Whose sales they worsened, with a trend that was already negative in the previous months. For this reason it is interesting to find out the numbers related to Q1 2020, given that the first quarter of the year was more critical in China than in Europe. Here in Europe the worst moments were concentrated between the first and second quarters, so we will have better damage in late summer. In the meantime, it is already evident that for Huawei things are not going better, with sales down globally.

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smartphone sales china q1 2020

If we move from a global perspective to a perspective limited to China, the situation changes, even if not in a radical way. All in all they sold 66 million of phones in China's Q1 2020, of which 14.5 million of models compatible with the 5G. In the mother country, Huawei is still depopulating, continuing to hold almost half of the market. Although there has been a yes -4.4% drop in sales compared to Q1 2019, market shares increase significantly. Compared to before there is a jump of + 7.1%, making it clear how this boost is more attributable to the negative performance of competitors.

The rest of the ranking drawn up by market research is very different, with a much more noticeable decrease for just about everyone. The most noticeable drop in sales is that of Xiaomi, with a flashy -33.8%. They follow it Vivo e OPPO, respectively -24.5% e -15.8%, and at the end of the top 5 we find Apple which closes the quarter with a -12.2%.

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