Huawei and MediaTek, uphill collaboration: that's why

huawei mediatek collaboration chipset

We had written a few hours ago about Huawei which has increased his question of chipset towards MediaTek. Unfortunately, however, for the Chinese tech giant, the collaboration requested could be uphill, given the constant doubts and few certainties given by the Taiwanese chipmaker.

Huawei and MediaTek, all the chipmaker's doubts

huawei mediatek collaboration chipset 2

The reasons for these doubts by MediaTek arise from the fact that the ban imposed by the USA a Huawei it could be more full-bodied than usual and despite not being directly involved, the chipmaker has not yet given a definitive answer to the brand of Ren Zhengfei. Industry experts, however, claim that the same Huawei have refueled from TSMC that could cover the request for 5G smartphone for the next two years.

Having learned this, it seems that the question towards MediaTek in the near future it should not be as large as can be expected, also because, as mentioned above, MediaTek like the american Qualcomm they still have to deal with the US government.

Further rumors however, report the fact that Huawei also raised demand for chipsets to South Korean manufacturers such as Samsung.

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