Huawei registers the Mate Watch brand: new smartwatches coming soon

huawei mate watch trademark registration 2

Huawei in recent times it is revolutionizing the nomenclature of its products, except for that concerning smartphones. After registering and then launching the range MatePad (here the review of the Pro version), is also preparing to review the wearable range. In fact, it has registered the brand for a few days Huawei Mate Watch in China, thus creating the future smartwatch segment of the brand.

Will Huawei Mate Watch replace the Watch GT series?

huawei mate watch trademark registration

Trademark registration Huawei Mate Watch started on May 6 in China, inserting it in the standard "International Classification of trademarks 9“, Which usually includes computers and peripheral equipment. It seems that Huawei want to push the brand "Mate”Across its entire ecosystem, given that the series already exists Mate for smartphones, the aforementioned MatePad, the pc MateBook and now we are going to cover the range of SmartWatch. It all comes back.

But what will be the impact of Mate watch on the brand catalog we don't know, because it could be both a product higher end, is a product that replaces the Watch GT range, currently on the market with the GT2 e GT2e.

We just have to wait for further news about this new brand, which would be part of an ever wider range of products.

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