How to buy Netflix, IKEA and Carrefour Gift Cards on AliExpress

A portal to buy all the gift cards, here is the new idea of AliExpress that it contains Carrefour Gift Card, Netflix, Google Play and so on. Thanks to the pages dedicated from the store to the initiative you will have the opportunity to purchase shopping vouchers from the comfort of your home. How buying IKEA digital cards works, Q8, Netflix and similar? Let's see it together.

IKEA Gift Card and all the major stores: how to buy shopping vouchers on AliExpress

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With the initiative launched by AliExpress and dedicated to the purchase of digital gift cards from physical and digital stores such as IKEA, Carrefour, PlayStation Network and others, you will have the opportunity to purchase credit that can be spent immediately. The IKEA Gift Card, Carrefour and the rest will be valid for 6 months from the date of purchase and will be cumulative with others Gift Card already existing.

Buying gift vouchers on AliExpress they are not nominal and can therefore be easily transferred to others. By placing the order (in the links below, with reference to the individual stores) you will receive a file in PDF format with all the sensitive data to be able to redeem the Gift Card. We would like to point out, however, that the sending of the email containing the codes may be a few minutes later than the purchase.

All shopping vouchers that can be purchased on AliExpress they will be available in different cuts, which we will report below.

Clearly all Gift Card purchased will then be usable at retailers on the Italian territory and on their respective e-commerce.

To follow these and other initiatives, we invite you to join our Telegram channel dedicated to AliExpress, in the box below.

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