BlitzWolf sterilizer lamp: the must have accessory is now in discount with coupons

blitzwolf uv lamp

The Chinese stores have responded to the request for products dedicated to hygiene and sanitation, with the most disparate products and, as in recent weeks, we return to offer you a very interesting offer of Banggood that offers the sterilizing lamp a UV rays di BlitzWolf discount with coupon.

The BlitzWolf sterilizer lamp can only be used in the absence of humans

This product breaks the monotony of branded devices and accessories a little Xiaomi precisely because - as anticipated - it was among the most requested by users. So Banggood took the ball by offering us a dedicated discount code that will allow you to save approximately €3 on the product already in discount.

La Blitz Wolf Sterlizing Lamp is compact - 138 x 52 x 50 mm - and extremely simple to use. It can be easily loaded thanks to the use of the Micro port USB and to the internal battery from 700 mAh which guarantees continuous use for several hours, offering a sterilizing action on an area of poco less than 2 square meters.

Unlike similar products which tend - however - to sterilize the environment only superficially, the UV lamp by BlitzWolf is able to kill 99.99% of bacteria and for this reason it is necessary that during use (about 30 minutes) no one is present inside the room. To buy it at a discount, simply apply the coupon in the box below.


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