Teclast M16 review: 4G tablet with reliable and cheap keyboard with some compromises

To understand the Teclast M16, an inexpensive Chinese tablet that integrates real smartphone functions, you have to identify yourself in the market in which it is inserted, and clearly to the type of users to whom it is addressed. People who do not intend to spend even a penny more on features they deem unnecessary for their use, but who at the same time do not want to give up a large display, the possibility to connect to the 4G network and being able to use a cover that not only integrates a keyboard, but also has a trackpad.

Teclast M16 review

Why, soldoni il Teclast M16 this is precisely: a device that provides its users with all the features that can guarantee the use of the most basic functions, but it does so with a 11.6-inch display, with an integrated 4G module for connection to mobile networks and a cover with keyboard and trackpad which, in a sense, make it almost a worthy "substitute for a computer" (allow me to gamble) for those people who besides carrying out Video calls or video conferences, surfing the web, editing office documents and watching streaming TV series or listening to music don't do.

Package Contents

The quality of the packaging with which Chinese manufacturers sell their devices has improved a lot over the years, both in terms of aesthetics and content. And the content of the Teclast M16 packaging it is no exception. The box includes:

  • Teclast M16
  • Charge Cable
  • 2A power supply
  • Manuals

Design and materials

We immediately start from an assumption: the design and materials of the Teclast M16 they have nothing original but, clearly, this does not mean that it is not a pleasant and well-built tablet. It is made with an aluminum body which has instead proved to be very solid, and is incredibly rich in connectivity ports: in addition to the input for the headphone jack from 3.5 millimeters there is also a door type micro HDMI to connect the tablet to an external monitor. Clearly there is the trolley for the microSD and nanoSIM 4G, and the volume rocker is positioned just below the power button.

In short, it is a conventional tablet in all respects, and it is also as regards the front camera positioned on the rear edge. Lower instead, it is present a connector to which you will connect the cover with keyboard and trackpad which is not included in the package, but which is often added as a free accessory when you buy the Teclast M16 on offer.


The large 11.6-inch screen of the Teclast M16 is made "alive" by a panel with technology IPS and with a resolution of 1920 1080 pixels x. We are therefore talking about a FullHD in 16: 9 that has a good density of pixels per inch but which, given the price, certainly cannot make a miracle cry.

Teclast M16 review

All in all though, the performance of the panel used in this cheap Chinese tablet is more than enough to carry out the most common activities: the color balance is well balanced, visibility in direct light conditions is good and has a maximum brightness that reaches 370 thread.

Teclast M16 review

They leave a little to be desired the contrast and depth of blacks, but it is clear that we are talking about an inexpensive IPS panel in a tablet whose price is well below 200 euros, with which you can still see your favorite films and TV series on Netflix and other streaming platforms, without any problem and hassle whatsoever. In short, the choice of this panel by those of Teclast was very clever, and above all suited to the slice of the market in which this device fits.

Hardware and Performance

The processor behind the Teclast M16 is a Mediatek Helio X27 Decore (ie 10 cores), produced with an A72 architecture and which works at a maximum frequency of 2.6 GHz. It is a processor that boasts above all a good energy management, which is supported by a Mali GPU-T880MP4, 4 GB of RAM memory e 128 GB of internal memory.

Teclast M16 review

A configuration more than enough for running the most common Android games and for playing videos in FullHD. But forget to start without any compromise more complex games, such as Fortnite, CoD Mobile and similar, which will always be usable but only by lowering the quality of the graphics. In addition to the 4G module there is also the Dual band WiFi ac, Bluetooth 4.1, a GPS Compass and a charging input via cable USB-C. Connectivity through the 4G module is normal, without praise and without infamy, and allows a good connection speed

All in all though, its hardware features make the Teclast M16 more than adequate to the most common everyday operations, and perfectly balanced for its price and for the type of user who aims to buy a Chinese tablet that, although it is cheap, is able to guarantee good quality and adequate usability.

Teclast M16 review

They left me the integrated speakers are rather perplexed (or the integrated speaker) positioned in the upper edge of the tablet, which are able to guarantee a high and adequate reproduction volume even for films and TV series, but which do so with a poorly maintained tone balance, and which makes the audio very little warm and deep, with some small tendency to metallic sounds. Too bad, because otherwise it would have been a great alternative to watch multimedia content ..

It is clear that we are not talking about one of the fastest tablets on the market, but despite this I have not encountered system slowdowns or annoying lag of any kind and I also managed to play with games like Asphalt 8, which can be played quite smoothly but, clearly, not with a high framerate. In short, the Teclast M16 is certainly not a tablet for the most avid gamers, but one must always remember how much it costs.

Teclast M16 Review - Benchmark

Moving on to the numbers, you will be able to read all of them afterwards the benchmark results that we performed on the tablet with GeekBench, AndoBench and 3D Mark (yes, we believed in him so much that he even put it to the test with 3D).


The software integrated in the Teclast M16 it is definitely dated and it should be emphasized that does not have any Level 1 Widevine certificationi.e. Netflix is ​​stuck at SD. Let's talk about Android 8.0, without any GUI customized by the company and which therefore guarantees an Android Stock experience. And although in fact it is good not to weigh down the system with useless graphics and customized interfaces, the experience you have with the tablet operating system is decidedly anonymous and devoid of personality and suffers from the lack of any multiscreen mode, which would have been convenient with such a large display. Of course, you can improve it by installing a custom launcher that will be able to refresh the interface of the operating system, but the old Google applications will continue to be present, unless you want to replace them manually: however, if I have to say it all, given the hardware and especially given the users to whom this cheap Chinese tablet is aimed, I would avoid wasting time.

On the other hand, however, an outdated software is (almost) always synonymous with stability and it is clear that the choice to use Android version 8 has been made so as not to weigh down the hardware of the machine, and from this point of view I have to admit that the idea seemed justified to me: in fact the user experience is decidedly well balanced to the market segment in which this particular model fits.


Personally I would have preferred the absence of the rear camera and an even lower price in this Teclast M16. Because it is clear, already take photographs with a Huawei MatePad Pro it means accepting certain compromises, so let alone on a cheap tablet. However, the 8 megapixel rear camera it is all in all decent, and also the front 8 megapixel camera does its job as long as you are in bright environments: in low light conditions, neither of them will guarantee at least decent shots.

But it is clear, it is almost useless to dwell on the cameras of such a tablet, because it is certainly not for the photographic sector that a person could decide to buy it. But all in all, videoconferencing can be carried out with the Teclast M16 with decent video quality, when an adequate light source is available.


The battery that powers the Teclast M16 is one 7500 mAh that, as stated by the company, it should guarantee the tablet an autonomy of at least 8 hours of continuous use. And I must say that all in all the performance is in line with what was declared by the manufacturer: in my tests I managed to get around 8 hours of continuous playback of a streaming video on Netflix.

Teclast M16 review

Also good in daily use, with an autonomy that always exceeds 2 days with an average use, but that it drops significantly when you start using 4G, despite being able to arrive without problems at the end of the day.

Cover with keyboard and touchpad

La cover with keyboard and trackpad it connects via very strong and stable magnets, allows you to use the tablet from a single angle and integrates separate keys with a very good typing feeling. Unfortunately the key layout is US only, and therefore there are no accented letters, but you can overcome this problem by changing the settings of the tablet, even if at this point we should remember the positioning of all the special characters of our idiom.

Teclast M16 review

The trackpad is medium to small in size, but in use it is rather comfortable. It integrates the physical click and the speed of movement of the pointer is right even for people who are not used to a trackpad of this size.

Teclast M16 review - Price and conclusions

Taking the sums, considering the large display, the good autonomy, the presence of a 4G module and the possibility of using it with a cover with keyboard and trackpad, the Teclast M16 is without a doubt a tablet that is worth what it costs. Of course, once turned on you cannot expect top performance and, probably, for many people it will not be the ideal tablet. But the world is not only made up of users who want the best and for those looking for a tablet from the sofa or even to carry around, on which to perform the most basic operations or watch their TV series, then the perspective is different: d ' on the other hand, there is no absolute best tablet, and everything must be proportionate to your needs and, above all, to your budget.

Teclast M16 review

In short, especially with the flash goes up these days Banggood, with which you can take home the Teclast M16 and the cover with keyboard about 170 €, probably at this budget could hardly be better.

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