ZMI: new 20.000 mAh power bank, with bidirectional recharge

with and powerbank

At the level of accessories Xiaomi it is one of the best companies. Under the profile quality pricein fact, it knows almost no rivals, always showing new and avant-garde products on the market. Among the many devices which, therefore, we can no longer do without we find the Powerbank. With smartphones that have more and more capacious batteries, but with less autonomy, it is necessary to have one of these terminals. ZMItherefore recently launched a new product of this type, from ben 20.000 mAh.

ZMI Powerbank has a power of 18W

with and powerbank

Looking at the aesthetic profile of this product, we do not find any particularity. This, in fact, has a surface in plastic, Equipped with a texture which should facilitate its grip. In addition to being scratch resistant, this product should also turn out quite well manageable. Besides this, however, internally it uses high precision resistance detection systems that not only make it safer, but also improve the conversion rate more effectively and stabilize the discharge voltage. This also puts him in a position to be able recharge quietly until three products simultaneously, such as a smartphone, tablet and Nintendo Switch.

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This 20.000 mAh ZMI powerbank offers a power of 18 and possesses well two USB-A ports ed a USB-C port. This product was also designed for all users with a latest generation iPhone. Inside the package, in fact, there will also be a cable USB-C / Lightning that is able to reduce charging times of a iPhone 11 of the 53% compared to the supplied charger.

ZMI Powerbank is sold on Tmall for around 149 yuan 20 € at the current exchange rate.

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