Xiaomi takes its cue from Apple HomePod | Patent

xiaomi patent

Especially in the past Xiaomi she was accused of being too inspired by the products Apple. This accusation, however, never aroused discontent within the company. Follow the example of a colossus of this type, from the point of view of the designafter all, has brought its positive results. It seems, therefore, that the Chinese brand has returned once again to be discussed on this topic, releasing a patent which shows a speaker very similar to Apple HomePod.

XiaoAI and 360 ° audio output

xiaomi patent

From what we have seen in these hours, Xiaomi allegedly issued a patent for an intelligent speaker at China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA). In the documents, therefore, it is clearly seen that the shapes of this product are very similar to those of a HomePod, showing a cylindrical design. This device will also support a360 ° audio output and it could also be equipped with one touch sensitive area.

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It appears that this device has practically no key. So on the top it might show a little display, where we will find various indications regarding the volume and other information. There should also be other touch sensitive parts, which will allow us to perform some operations, such as changing the volume, moving to the next track and much more. This speaker, however, should be compatible with XiaoAI, therefore all voice controls will allow you to interact with it without lifting a finger. Who knows that this support will not be extended to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa as well.

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