Xiaomi Mijia Humidifier 1S official: new humidifier on YouPin

xiaomi mijia humidifier 1s

Currently the My Festival. During this period, therefore, Xiaomi offers many products at incredible prices, giving space to all users to take advantage of significant discounts. In addition to this, however, the Chinese brand also launches many new products. We have already seen, in fact, how the new ones have been announced My Air 2s, new security rooms and much more. Among these, therefore, the new also finds space Mijia Humidifier 1S, L 'humidifier which eliminates all bacteria.

Mijia Humidifier 1S eliminates 99% of bacteria

xiaomi mijia humidifier 1s

According to the characteristics of this new product, Mijia Humidifier 1S shows some really important sterilization features. Inside this humidifier, in fact, there are some ultraviolet lamps which, in fact, exterminate all the bacteria that come into contact with it. There is talk of a percentage of extermination of these bacteria, precisely, equal to 99% . Getting involved about 3,5 liters of air inside the body, therefore, it is possible to purify all the air present in a medium-sized room in a few hours.

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On the front, then, there is also a space of matrix OLED, through which to control some air parameters and adjust the intensity of the machine. This accessory can also be controlled via voice commands or, alternatively, through theMijia application. In case you are interested, therefore, you should go to Xiaomi YouPin, where this Mijia Humidifier 1S is sold for 799 yuan, about 104 € at the current exchange rate.

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