The Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro packaging makes fun of Huawei

xiaomi mi 10 oppo find x2 pro

When two companies hold a place in the market, it is physiological that there is a fair amount of rivalry. If you look at China, the two parent companies in the smartphone sector are HuaweiXiaomi. For some time now we have been attending the ballet among the top positions in global sales: although Huawei has remained strong for a few months, Xiaomi has had the upper hand. The reason is clear: the inability to use Google services has made many customers desist from the purchase. And even if Huawei is working hard for replace them with your own software, it will take a long time to convince the user.

Upgrade 08 / 04: Xiaomi has released a statement on the matter, you can find it in this dedicated article.

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The dispute between Huawei and Xiaomi continues, after the launch of Mi 10 Pro

If for Huawei this situation is proving to be extremely delicate, it is obvious that Xiaomi does not see the truth that the rival is in difficulty. And here, then, that with the launch of Mi 10 Pro the hit against him was promptly arrived.

xiaomi mi 10 pro huawei packaging

As shown in this photo, the Mi 10 Pro packaging highlights a non-random phrase: "Mi 10 Pro with easy access to the widely used Google apps". The reason for this writing is easy to say: put on black and white the main difference that today exists between Xiaomi and Huawei. What better time to reiterate that buying one of your smartphones involves having an "advantage" over the competition?

Wanting to be less mischievous, it is also true that the choice to put this writing may derive from the doubts that arose after the Huawei case. It happened to me on more than one occasion that a friend or relative asked me "But if I buy a Xiaomi can I find it Google?". From this legitimate doubt, resulting from the combination of Huawei and Xiaomi as Chinese companies, the company may have decided to clarify that the US ban does not affect its production.

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