Xiaomi HIMO Z16: the 80 km folding bicycle arrives on YouPin

xiaomi himo z16

Although most of the population is forced, at this moment, to stay home because of the Coronavirus (Covid-19), several users are already thinking about the future. When we finally have the opportunity to go around our cities, in fact, we will have to rethink perhaps the preferred means of locomotion. Currently cars pollute too much, so Xiaomi offers several alternatives in this regard, including practices folding electric bicycles. All the models currently on the market have been so successful, so Xiaomi has thought well to propose another on YouPin: the HIMO Z16.

HIMO Z16 weighs only 22,5 kg

xiaomi himo z16

From what we could see on YouPin, Xiaomi's well-known crowdfunding platform, the HIMO Z16 has really interesting features. This folding e-bike, in fact, weighs only 22,5 kg, reaching the full speed di 25 km/h. Maintaining standard settings, this can reach aautonomy of 55 km, but choosing the mode voted to energy saving can take you up to 80km.

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xiaomi himo z16

On board this model, which can be closed by folding the structure on three different levels, we find a LCD characterized by certification IPX7. On this panel we will then be able to view the speed, power, mileage, any system failures and more. Then there will be an extremely safe braking system, with disc brakes on both the front and the rear.

Xiaomi HIMO Z16 is currently sold on YouPin at the price of 2.499 yuan, approximately 326 € at the current exchange rate.

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