Redmi AirDots S are the new TWS for € 12 with a lot of news

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It was already in the air for a while and now - surprisingly - here is the company of Lei Jun has raised the curtain on the new TWS headphones branded Redmi. At the moment there is no mention of a second chapter, but of an updated version of the current model (here you find our review), with many new features. Then call to the talk and let's find out Redmi AirDots S. between features, price and availability.

Official Redmi AirDots S: everything you need to know about the new TWS headphones

Design and features

redmi airdots p

The winning formula does not change, it is le Redmi AirDots S. they are the perfect exemplification of this concept. The new TWS headphones Xiaomi in fact arrive with the same design of the previous generation and also the CASE​ of charging remains unchanged. The style a capsule, with caps in-ear in three different sizes, it is kept in the round and in terms of look there is no news.

The see changes are hidden inside, starting with a Bluetooth 5.0 chip improved, able to offer better stability and a speed of data transmission doubled compared to the first chapter. In this way it is possible to use the low latency game mode, with impeccably synchronized audio during the gaming phase.

redmi airdots p

At this round, Xiaomi introduced noise reduction technology DSP, able to positively impact the audio quality during calls. The plug of each earphone remains on 4.1 grams, while there are no changes on the autonomy front. The Chinese company declares 4 hours of use continuous, which rise to 12 hours using the CASE​ charging.

Headphones Redmi AirDots S. follow the previous generation and once again adopt physical buttons for the controls. With a double click it calls up the smart assistant XiaoAI, while with three consecutive clicks you can access the game mode cited poco does. With a single press it is possible to answer a call or hang up; during music playback you can pause or play the audio.

To conclude, the latest novelty of the TWS headphones is the possibility of using each of the two earphones independently; once the one not in use is reactivated, stereo playback will start automatically.

Redmi AirDots S - Price and availability

The price of the Redmi AirDots S. and of 99.9 yuan, about 12 € at the current exchange rate. In short, the Chinese company has opted to keep the selling price unchanged compared to the previous model, a wise choice and in the perfect style of the brand. The headphones are already on sale at home and now ... we just have to wait!

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