Realme 6 review: can you want better at 230 euros?

Realm 6

Since when Realme has arrived on the market, has completely changed the rules of the game. It is, in fact, a company that under the relationship quality price has been able to do a great job, gaining the trust of many users. Although it is also trying to launch some top of the range, always with a low price, the brand is focusing mainly on the lower market segment. Hence, therefore, a product like Realm 6. How will this product have behaved? With Realme UI on board, will he have managed to convince us? Find out inside ours Full review.

Realme 6 review


In this respect, we must say that Realme has produced a sales package that fully reflects the soul of the company. It is, in fact, a completely yellow box that shows only the brand logo and the name of the product. Inside we find:

  • Realme 6;
  • wall-mounted power supply with European socket;
  • USB / USB Type-C cable;
  • soft transparent TPU cover;
  • pin for the SIM slot;
  • brief instruction manual, also in Italian.

Design & Materials

Taking a look at the design of this product, we do not find anything so shocking compared to the competition. Even Realme, in fact, seems to have aligned in this respect, showing a hole in the display and a rear surface with onlookers light effects. About the latter, among other things, we have a polycarbonate shell which, however, in addition to retaining many fingerprints, does not look bad at all. I'm not sure, then, but all the side frame it doesn't seem to be made of metal. From what we have been able to ascertain, it also seems to be made of plastic material. Beyond these details, however, the size of the smartphone is 162,1 x 74,8 x 8,9 mm, with a weight of approx 190 grams.

Realm 6

You will have no difficulty handling the device because, in my opinion, the weight has been balanced very well. With a plastic body on the back, then, good grip in any condition will be guaranteed. As already said, however, the oleophobic treatment leaves a little to be desired, both on the back and on the front. This could create problems outdoors, where the maximum brightness still guarantees good screen contrast. In fact, we had no difficulty using this Realme 6 in direct sunlight. However, I was not thrilled by this brightness sensor. This did not prove too reactive and, in some cases with low light, not too reliable. It is certainly a point still to be reviewed, perhaps even with some software updates.

Realm 6

If we take a look at the components present, therefore, we find the only one on the right On / off button which also complements the fingerprint sensor (which we will discuss in detail only later). On the other hand, however, we have the SIM and microSD slot and the two volume rocker keys. Below we have, then, the audio jack 3,5mm, the main microphone, the input USB Type-C and system speaker. The whole upper profile, on the other hand, is clean. Looking at the back, moreover, we can not help but notice Quad Room, assisted by the individual LED flash.

We did not feel like putting it under water, not presenting any certification about it. On the official website, however, interesting data have been reported, which show how the product has been tested in its entirety and present some seals around the individual keys which should prevent the entry of dust and water drops. Let's say that from this point of view we give him the benefit of the doubt.


Realme 6 probably has one of the display best out there, in its price range. We are, in fact, in the presence of a panel LCD da 6,5 " with resolution FHD + (2400 x 1080 pixels) with a screen-to-body-ratio of 90,5%. This is only interrupted by the presence of one frontal room da 16 mega-pixels, set inside a hole located on the left. It is not an uncomfortable or excessively large component, however showing a larger circumference than what we can find on higher-end products, such as OPPO Find X2 Pro.

Realm 6

We sincerely want to tell you that i colors returned by this unit are excellent, in any situation. They are not yet too close to reality but return the right contrast, a quality that is not always possible on a product of this type. I remind you, then, that we are in front of a matrix display IPS, which in spite of everything has sufficient blacks and whites tending only slightly to blue. More importantly, though, is the refresh rate a 90Hz which, in this respect, totally changes the cards on the table. Beyond the fact that on the new Realme UI it can also be deactivated, this function manages to guarantee one fluidity even greater in daily use, returning sensations very close to those that are felt when handling a top of the range. Everything turns out to be much more fluid and harmonious, both in the interface and in the individual graphic animations.

Realm 6

I have not noticed any problems with the touch screen, which has always proven to be precise and reliable. Even in the corners of the display I managed to interact wonderfully with the front surface, without accusing any problems when sending, for example, a voice message.

Unlocking Systems

As on many other smartphones produced by the competition, on this device we find two main unlocking systems: biometric sensor e Face Unlock.

Let's start right from the sensor for the fingerprints which, first of all, is in a good position. Here, however, the evaluation is very subjective, because it also depends a lot on the size of your hand. So let's say that maybe a few millimeters less would have been perfect. Beyond this point, however, the reactivity it is really excellent, as well as reliability. I have never had any problems from this point of view, therefore it is absolutely approved.

We cannot be so enthusiastic about unlock by face recognition. Although during the day it did not detect any critical issues, always detecting my face quickly, at night it is practically impossible to unlock the phone. We must also consider the fact that, however, it is a 2D survey, so it can never be as precise as we hope. Despite this, in case you are not inclined to use it, you can also just rely on the excellent biometric sensor.


In this respect, this device has an equipment that many could turn up their noses. Already in the past, however, I happened to have to clarify how the difference between a chipset on such devices MediaTek and a Qualcomm product is sometimes unnoticeable. The same holds true for Realme 6, which features a MediaTek SoC Helio G90T, therefore an octa-core solution with configuration 2 x 76 GHz Cortex-A2,05 + 6 x 55 GHz Cortex-A2,0. To accompany this component we find, then, a GPU ARM Mali-G76 MC4. There is also no shortage 8GB of RAM LPDDR4X dual-channel e 128GB of internal memory, of type UFS 2.1 (the data are reported according to the version in our possession). Inside the SIM slot there is also the possibility to expand storage via microSD.

Realm 6

Throughout the trial period we did not experience any problems with this unit, managing to perform most of the operations without any problems. It seems strange to say it, but this smartphone at low revs can easily play with higher-cost devices, even with a difference of 200 euros. Moving inside the interface is indeed pleasant and everything runs smoothly, rare quality in smartphones of this type. Only the video, perhaps, will be able to demonstrate this aspect more than all the other tools. Even when I went to force the system, however, I didn't feel any particular criticality. I have been several hours ahead of Call of Duty Mobilein fact, and the smartphone showed no stumbling. If you were looking for an inexpensive device that can satisfy you also on the gaming side, this is the product for you.

At the level of temperature I don't think it has ever gone beyond the guard limits. I have no analytical tools to prove it but, touching the back of the body, I only noticed a more marked heat during the more agitated phases in the use of the product. In this respect, therefore, I believe that thesoftware optimization has been a winner, making this Helio G90T really fluid and quick, without weighing particularly on consumption. You will therefore be able to keep several applications in the background without problems, always managing to easily juggle you on applications such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Netflix and many others.



Realm 6 already comes out on Italian soil with the new one Realme UI 1.0, Based on Android 10. The moment we are writing this article we are at the version RMX2001_11_B.17. Currently, then, the security patches are updated to March 5, therefore it is hoped that over the months the brand will continue to update the smartphone at least from this aspect.

With Realme UI everything changes, at least compared to ColorOS. We therefore have a new graphic design, new options and a level of Customization even higher. It is a very nice interface, which features elements clearly inspired by Pixels, such as quick toggles. We therefore find slightly less color but more harmony between the various elements and, from a certain point of view, a greater one Minimalism. Now you will be able, therefore, to activate the dark mode on the whole smartphone, as well as customize the size of the icons and their shape. However, there will also be all the system applications that have been improved in every respect compared to ColorOS.

We will still have access to the Telephone Management, which will allow us to have control over some particular functions. In the folder Means, then, we find many really very useful apps, such as the Calculator, the Game Space FM radio and much more. Looking at each application, we can see the care with which every single part, every detail has been studied. We must admit, therefore, how with this software things have improved a lot in several aspects, aligning as far as I am concerned with companies such as Xiaomi, Huawei and Samsung.


On board this device there is a main sensor from 64MP, specifically one Samsung GW1 with f / 1.8 aperture and 78,6 ° FOV. This is accompanied, then, by a lens wide-angle lens da 8MP with f / 2.3 aperture and 119 ° FOV. Only the two smaller sensors are missing, so the one from 2MP for the portrait mode and the goal from 2MP for the macro.

We cannot dwell too much on this aspect because the quality is good only during the daytime hours. Here we find, in fact, a good white balance, as well as colors fairly faithful to reality. Even at the definition level we are on an excellent level, also considering the price range in which the device fits. All sensors, including that wide-angle lens, do their job well. Let's say that the latter, however, manages to capture a larger portion of the panorama in front of us, losing on the other side a lot of quality.

As said, of notte the situation is very bad. Without using the Night Mode the algorithm shows a photographic noise really too high and a definition well below the sufficiency. With the night mode active, then, the images do not improve at all, increasing even more the digital noise and the loss of details. We therefore believe that Realme should get to grips with the software and do a great job from this point of view, because currently it is not possible to judge this sector positively.

from selfie camera da 16MP we would not have expected great results but, to be honest, we were satisfied with his performances. I have not noticed a great attention to detail, although in general the general quality is good. Eye only to always clean the screen well at that point, because you risk damaging the images. Even in this case, however, performance collapses at night, unable to sustain the good impressions returned during the day.

With this device you can also shoot video in 1080p to 60fps, or in 4k to 30fps. All the considerations made previously also apply in this case, with a few small additions. We were able to observe, in fact, a good focus, quite reactive, and a sufficient balance of lights. I remind you, however, that during the recording phase it is also possible to take advantage of the zoom up to 10x, not being able to use the wide-angle camera.


Surely one of the things you will most appreciate about this device is the compartment related to connectivity. On board, in fact, it is possible to simultaneously install two nano SIMs plus a microSD. There is therefore no lack of opportunity to exploit the LTE network your operator, obviously without being able to use 5G. Despite this, the device, which does not travel with 4G +, manages to maintain good stability in all conditions, even in the least covered areas of the house. The exact same goes for the 802.11 Wi-Fi a / b / g / n / ac Dual Band which, unfortunately, does not show such a wide range of action as we would have hoped. Given the current situation, then, it was not possible to navigate the city with the GPS / AGPS / Glonass / Beidou but, at least the connection with the satellite, seems to be rapid.

However, the Bluetooth 5.0, audio jack 3,5mm, FM Radio andNFC. It is, therefore, a complete smartphone that, in this respect, does not compromise at all.


We are in an area where this smartphone does not excel. We do not find stereo audio and dal speaker main, in fact, a fairly mediocre quality emerges. We have one almost total absence of the lower frequencies, in favor of medium and high ones. This translates, therefore, into a low-bodied and engaging sound at maximum volume. Despite this, however, luckily here we still find the 3,5mm audio jack, so in any case you can enjoy a much higher quality with a pair of good quality earphones.

from headset capsule feels pretty good and calls are pleasant. I never felt any particular disturbance, although after a few tens of minutes there is a slight hissing sound which however does not disturb the call much. In any case, both we and our interlocutor had the opportunity to hear our voice well, clearly and precisely. In case you were in a slightly louder environment, you could also turn up the volume, being able to perceive the sounds even better.


We have mentioned previously consumption of this smartphone, in the hardware paragraph. Looking better at this aspect, therefore, I can confirm how this terminal is really good and manages to offer excellent autonomy, counting on well 4.300 mAh battery. In fact, it is not for everyone to be able to reach almost 9 hours on screen turned on, on a basis of more than 16 hours of continuous use. We must say that in that situation, during the test, we stressed the machine beyond limits, with a mixture of Wi-Fi and 4G, video games, intense use of social media (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok), several tens of minutes on YouTube and a lot of productivity. We count on the fact, therefore, that with a more "normal" use of the machine it is also possible to end a day and a half without problems.

In case you are unable to bring this smartphone up to the second day, you could still count on the quick charging da 30W. Beyond what is stated on the site, we have passed by 15 100% to% in just 40 minutes. A remarkable result for a smartphone that, in the end, costs less than 300 euros.

Price & Conclusions

Realme 6, in our version from 8 / 128GBCoast 299,90 € (official site). Taking a look at the prices, however, the starting figure is 229,90 euros, in the 4 / 64GB variant. We cannot certify that even the models with less RAM work the same way, but surely our model returns above average performance. It is, in fact, a stable product, reliable and incredibly fast.

15 new from 200,00 €
1 used by 188,33 €
9 new from 285,00 €
Last updated the 27 / 05 / 2020 17: 04

We recommend Realme 6 to practically everyone, because at present there is no other product that, at the same price, can offer performance of this type. Not among the most recent ones, at least. If this terminal were to be followed well in the future, then it could remain stable at the top of this virtual ranking of devices for less than 300 euros. Seeing is believing!