Realme 6 Pro, X2, C3 and others update with the April patches

realme 6 pro realme x2 patch update april 2020

Although the Asian brand has been on the market since poco, in terms of updates seems to be able to maintain a certain balance, both as regards new models (as in the case of Realme 6 Pro), than for older devices like Realm 3 e X2 (basically the latter has been around since last October). At this turn the company has started the roll out of the patches of security of the month di April 2020, along with various corrections.

Realme 6 Pro, X2, C3 together with Realme 3 and 3i: here are the news of the latest update

realme 6 pro

For Realme 6 Pro, in addition to the April patches there are also a whole series of fixes. The photographic sector is also improved, with the addition of Ultra Dark Mode and optimizations for 64 MP and wide angle shots. The update brings the firmware to the version RMX2061_11_A.15 and is available for download for manual flash at this link. Below you will find the complete changelog.

Click here for the complete changelog
  • Security
    • Android security patch: April, 2020
  • System
    • Fixed the status bar updates slowly after unlocking
    • Fixed the Bluetooth headset delay in playing PUBG and other games
  • Camera
    • Added the ultra-dark mode of the rear camera
    • Optimized the clarity of 64M and wide-angle camera
    • Solved the issue that without ultra-wide mode prompt when the time-lapse mode is switched to the ultra-wide angle mode
    • Solved the issue that the camera cannot adjust the beauty mode when the system language is Arabic
    • Fixed front camera overexposure under the backlight environment

Realme X2

After the update to Android 10 with stable Realme UI, Realme X2 it also receives April patches, along with a bunch of bug fixes. The company has not yet published the download link, which will later arrive via this thread of the official website.

Click here for the complete changelog
  • Security
    • Android security patch: April, 2020
  • Known issue fixed
    • Fixed the issue of enable error of apk file which transferred by Bluetooth
    • Fixed the issue that fail to call out Game Assistant occasionally during game
    • Fixed the issue of without restore option in Backup and Restore Assistant
    • Fixed the issue of occasional audio silence in PUBG headset mode
    • Optimized Face-unlock auto brightness compensation under dim surroundings
    • Fixed the issue where front camera shooting appears white line occasionally
    • Fixed the issue which deleted pictures automatically restore in album
    • Fixed the issue which some app icons appear white border occasionally
    • Fixed the issue of sometimes facial data could not be deleted

Realme 3, 3i and C3

Regarding the model C3 - also launched in Italy - the changelog is quite nourished (with many improvements for the photographic side) and we report it below. The device has updated to the firmware RMX2020_11.A.21 available here.

Click here for the complete changelog
  • Security
    • Android security patch: April, 2020
  • Camera
    • Optimized the low ISO noise performance of the front camera and improved the ISO clarity
    • Optimized the front camera issue of indoor AWB redness
    • Improved selfie experience and closer to nature
    • Optimized the contrast of selfies and reduced eye shadows
    • Optimized blurring of photos caused by front camera shaking
    • Optimized the image quality of the rear camera at low ISO clarity
    • Optimized the AWB of the rear camera to improve the greenish problem in some outdoor scenes
  • Known issue fixed
    • Optimized the fluency of entering and exiting Whatsapp
    • Solved the issue of sliding stuck on Facebook
    • Solved the stuck issue in some scenes during the PUBG
    • Optimized the screen touch experience and solved the touch delay issue in some scenes

We conclude with Realme 3 and 3i, who share the same firmware - RMX1821EX_11.A.28 - available here. In this case, the changelog is limited to indicating the presence of the April patches and the correction of some unspecified bugs. In addition, the stability of the system has also been improved.

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