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oneplus 8 official wallpapers

Less than two weeks separate us from the presentation of the series OnePlus 8, a family that should consist of at least 3 models. In 2019 the change of course took place, with the separation of the top of the range into two models, including the Pro. And in 2020 a further variation will take place, with the addition of a cheaper model. Needless to say, of the two top models we already know practically everything and we refer you to the article dedicated to their respective differences.

Upgrade 15 / 04: with the official we have full backgrounds, find everything at the end of the article.

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OnePlus 8 is already here with us, even if only in the form of official wallpapers

If your thirst for curiosity on OnePlus 8 still isn't quenched, know that they have been published on the net official backgrounds that will debut with new phones.

We specify that the images published by the insider Ishan Agarwal are yes official but in resized form. With an aspect ratio of around 20: 9, you can download them directly from the link below:

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