MIUI 12 Closed Beta, Xiaomi warns Mi Fans: beware of fakes!

miui 12 closed beta fake

Very little is missing from the release of the new UI of the Chinese company and every day there are always newsto. In addition to the announcement, after the event of 27 April the release should even start (although the situation has not been clarified properly, so it is better to take everything carefully) and it is obvious that fans are taken by a certain craving. However, in this period we must pay close attention and stay away from alleged versions Closed Beta area of MIUI 12, obvious fake also reported by Xiaomi.

Xiaomi warns Mi Fans: MIUI 12 Closed Beta, watch out for fakes

In reality, that of fake releases is certainly not a new problem. For some time now, links have been circulating with alleged recruiting campaigns for beta testers launched by Lei Jun's company. Obviously it is bogus ads, which have nothing to do with Xiaomi. The images above show a changelog of the new UI and enrollment in the program MIUI 12 Closed Beta, both fake.

The importance of the Chinese brand and above all the success of MIUI, all combined with the recklessness of inexperienced users looking for news and maybe ways to tinker with their smartphone, just mix these ingredients and the damage is done.

Given the situation, even the head of the Indian Mi Community took the field, with a message to all the Mi Fans. The juice is very simple: never download files that do not come from official sources, especially regarding updates of this type. Xiaomi is used to starting the selections for beta tests always through their own official channels, both social and related to Mi Community.

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