POCO F2 could have a very large battery

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It is unlikely that a brand will launch only one model each year. This only happens in the early years, so as to focus on a single device and make a name for itself among users. It happened with OnePlus and it will also happen with POCO by Xiaomi, with a launch of POCO X2 that will go alongside the much awaited one POCO F2. Although the rumors leaked are many, there has never been a concrete discussion of what will be its specifications. Also because the rumors that gave it as a Redmi K30 Pro rebrand are promptly been proven wrong.

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It is rumored that the battery of the neighbor POCOPHONE will be worthy of attention

Today's rumor speaks of a fundamental component in choosing a smartphone, or the battery. The words of leaker Mukul Sharma go precisely in this direction, stating that the next device POCOPerhaps POCO F2, should have a large power supply unit.

It is not said that it is POCO F2, but we talk about "next device POCO"And it is difficult (but not impossible) that the company even launches 3 models. However, it cannot be ruled out that instead POCO F2 turn to a whole new denomination. Names aside, there is talk of a battery around 4700 / 5000 mAh, higher than the 4500 mAh of the X2. Numbers that until a few years ago were well above the average, in an era in which exceeding 4000 mAh was already worthy of attention. This is the main bonus of having dimensionally bulkier smartphones, also because the screens are larger and more energy-consuming.

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