The infrared anti-itch pen of Xiaomi YouPin is a stratospheric success

Xiaomi YouPin infrared anti-itch pen

There are many curiosities in Xiaomi sauce, from the "higher" ones like the famous question of 5% of hardware profits and the more goliardic ones (which never fail, especially when Lei Jun is involved). But the success of the infrared anti-itch pen di Xiaomi YouPin it is really difficult to classify for a very simple reason: can we ever consider the beauty of more than 3 million yuan in sales to be a fun matter?

Xiaomi YouPin has launched an infrared anti-itch pen against mosquito bites and sales have skyrocketed

Xiaomi YouPin infrared anti-itch pen

Yes, you read that right. A few days ago the crowdfunding platform of the Chinese house - Xiaomi YouPin - started the presales of one infrared anti-itch pen, against the mosquito bites (and insects in general). It is a very different solution compared to the classic sticks on the market and is based precisely on the release of infrared pulses in the area affected by the puncture. In this way it is possible relieve itching and reduce or eliminate swelling, helping the body speed up the elimination of the substances that cause discomfort.

Xiaomi YouPin infrared anti-itch pen

The device, barely long 102mm and with a diameter of 18mm, it can be carried practically anywhere and thanks to its very easy use (just "click" on the puncture) it can be used by practically everyone. In addition, the anti-itch pen integrates one battery da 200 mAh, therefore no batteries: just a simple recharge.

The crowdfunding sale price on Xiaomi YouPin it is only about 69 yuan 9€ at the exchange, and in a handful of days the beauty of approx 3.268.317 yuan, equal to over 426 thousand euros.

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