The Moon is closer with Huawei P40 Pro +: comparison with P40 Pro and S20 Ultra

huawei p40 pro + luna

For some time the main evolution of smartphones has shifted to the photographic aspect. To have given a big push in this direction was Huawei, with the production of phones increasingly focused on offering photos in the best way. If P40 Pro already has convinced everyone, Huawei P40 Pro + si prepare to make sparks, being able to count on a more advanced sector. Compared to the two models currently in circulation, the main advantage will be the 10x optical telephoto lens.

No, Xiaomi does not make fun of Huawei, but it is Google's "fault"

The Huawei P40 Pro + zoom shows the muscles against the S20 Ultra and the P40 Pro itself

We have already seen what it is capable of this periscope sensor, transforming Huawei P40 Pro + into the paparazzi's favorite smartphone. And what better way to test these skills if not photographing the moon? Observing our natural satellite is a practice to say the least poco fascinating, especially if you have a device capable of making us feel closer. With the P30 Pro a special mode has been introduced, although it has attracted not a few controversies. And even the P40 series can do the same: look at a demonstration sample made with Huawei P40 Pro.

huawei p40 pro luna

Not bad, right? But let's see the same shot taken with Huawei P40 Pro +:

huawei p40 pro + luna

At a closer look you notice how there is a greater level of detail, as far as we are dealing with resized photos. There is also a white balance tending towards cold, but that could also depend on visual factors deriving from sky, clouds and so on.

samsung galaxy s20 ultra moon

But with the advent of the new top of the range we have gone from being able to shoot at 50x through interpolation to even 100x. The first to have succeeded is Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, of which you can see the result above.

huawei p40 pro + luna

It goes much better with Huawei P40 Pro +, giving an image of the moon sharper and less similar to an oil painting. We should understand, however, how much intervention there is from the software, to reconnect with the aforementioned controversies. By the way, you have seen the lunar shots taken with the next Honor 30 Pro?

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