Huawei P40 with components made in the USA: some clarifications

huawei p40 teardown

The most obvious consequence of USA ban against Huawei is the impossibility of integrate Google services on their smartphones and tablets. This blockage is also reflected in the production chain, as evidenced from some of the latest models marketed. Since the companies have to have granted them a special permit to market with Huawei, the manufacturer has found it difficult to rely on third party components. It seemed that from now on the company's smartphones would have been free of American technology, but this is not the case with the series Huawei P40.

Upgrade 06 / 04: a more exhaustive list of the components present in the Huawei P40 has been posted on the net. Find all the details at the end of the article.

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Controversy over the internal components of the Huawei P40 series

The XYZone has from poco carried out a teardown on Huawei P40, dissecting it and listing all the hardware components inside it. And unlike models like the Huawei Mate 30 and Y9 Prime, the P40 series again contains components developed by US companies. In particular, the connectivity department, including parts assembled by Qualcomm, Skyworks e Qorvo. In the case of Qualcomm, it is confirmed that the license from the American commercial department is in progress.

The same cannot be said for Skyworks and Qorvo or at least because there is no certainty that they are also under special license. Memory side, however, Huawei has taken steps to put aside the modules previously provided by Micron. Instead, made in technology was used Samsung, while the Kirin processor, although produced by the proprietary HiSilicon division, still relies on the ARM architecture. A company that, although British, uses US derivation technology, even if its ban is crashed in late 2019.

Upgrade 06 / 04

On Weibo there is a list of the components present on Huawei P40, as well as P40 Pro and P40 Pro +. Mention is made of photographic form, including Sony, Daliguang, Sunny Optical, Oufeiguang, Lijing, Qiu Ti Technology and Crystal Optoeletronics components. The fingerprint reader in the display, however, it is composed of pieces Huiding Technology, Ophelia and Qiu Ti Technoloigy. We also already knew that the è provided by BOE, another Chinese company that has become known in recent years.

The fact remains that the connective sector is composed of American companies such as Qualcomm, Skyworks and Qorvo. But if the ban is in place, how can Huawei use them? Apart from the fact that we have specified that it is possible to have a special permit to bypass. But as analysts point out, it is almost obvious that Huawei had any stocks in warehouses, probably fleshed out before the ban was fully activated.

huawei p40 components

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