Huawei P40 Lite: the new security patches arrive, and not only

Huawei p40 lite

It has not been too many weeks since the release of Huawei P40 Lite. This smartphone, in fact, anticipated the new series P40 of a few days, showing a different design, in some respects, compared to all his brothers. Despite this he was able to convince us, thanks to his excellent results performance General. At the moment, therefore, it seems that the brand has decided to closely follow the events of this device, bringing the first real updating.

P40 Lite updates with April security patches

Huawei p40 lite

According to what colleagues from HuaweiCentral, its Huawei P40 Lite the new ones have arrived Android security patch of April 2020. This, therefore, further improves the security of this device, giving one more reason to think about its possible purchase. It is not the only one newsin fact, that was made to the system. Some have also been done corrections, about problems with vulnerability of the software. Specifically, therefore, 5 vulnerabilities of a fairly significant entity, 12 high-profile and one medium-sized vulnerabilities have been corrected.

TrovApp is also available on Huawei P40 Lite

We remind you, however, that the update was released by poco. Surely all users will be reached over the next few hours.

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