Huawei: new headphones and glasses will soon arrive, with the Kirin A1

huawei kirin a1

There is really no limit to innovation, especially for a company like Huawei. Despite all the problems caused by Coronavirus (Covid-19) and from ban of the United States, this brand does not intend to give up. This is the reason why it continues on its way, intent on always launching on the market new products. In the coming months, in fact, in addition to some devices, it seems that the Chinese telecommunications giant is also intending to release several smart devices.

Huawei will also use the Kirin A1 in 2021

From what we have learned in these hours, it seems that Huawei is willing to make the most of its smart chip for wearable devices, the Kirin A1. This, in fact, has already been included in some successful products, such as 3 Freebuds e Watch GT 2. In the field of accessories related to the IoT world, however, the brand would also like to experiment with something else. This is why new ones may arrive on the market in the coming years intelligent glasses, true wireless headphones and a intelligent speaker.

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A development plan to this effect has not yet been revealed. So we don't know when they can actually be launched accessories. On all, however, one of the first to arrive could refer to the audio. On the next freebuds 3iin fact, the Kirin A1 should find space.