Huawei MatePad T will be the new low-cost tablet | Leak

huawei matepad t

Despite the market of tablets is not growing, some producers firmly believe in this sector. Currently, in fact, the only company that manages to maintain a good level in this area is Apple Lossless Audio CODEC (ALAC),, especially with the series iPad Pro. Beyond this brand, however, there are others that are trying to stay afloat, including also Huawei. It seems, in fact, that this company wants to try to occupy also the low end of the market, with MatePad T.

MatePad T could show an 8 ″ display

huawei matepad t

In the past few hours, rumors have circulated about a new one tablets branded Huawei. It should be an edition low-cost, with close to 8" and hardware that isn't too advanced. Obviously in this case the indiscretion would come from the well-known leaker Evleaks, which also showed a first image of the product. Taking a look at this render, it seems obvious that the frames have not been optimized and that there is a photographic form, of which we still do not know any characteristics.

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At the moment we have, perhaps, only one piece of information: this device appeared in the documents of an organization for the Wi-Fi certification, showing different acronyms. So, probably, these will be the various versions that will be marketed. We will therefore have 4 different devices: BZD-W00, BZD-AL00, KOB2-L03 e KOB2-W09.

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