Huawei launches AR Maps, a new way of traveling virtually

huawei ar maps

One of the multiple fields of use of the augmented reality is its fusion with maps. We saw it initially with Google Maps AR and now Huawei also tries with AR Maps. The new service was presented in China together with the launch of the P40 series and the new (and very expensive) smart TV Vision X65. Having wanted to focus on offering very high precision, Huawei has decided to offer this new platform only in China. It cannot be excluded that it can then also be brought to Europe, but we still don't know anything about it. But we understand better how it works and what it is used for.

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The launch of Huawei P40 in China was joined by the debut of AR Maps

Even if Coronavirus continues to grip our world, we hope it is only a matter of a few months before returning to normal. In China we begin to see the arrival and it is precisely here that AR Maps can be used in the real world. Taking advantage of the photographic and AI potential of the new Huawei P40, it will be possible to frame landscapes and see them enriched with 3D models. These can be of an informative type, making us understand where we need to go, how much is missing on arrival, the nearest public bathroom and so on.

But also popular, explaining the landscape we have around and any anecdotes related to it, as well as decorative, making everything more imaginative. It will also be possible to create lots of mini-games, animating statues, sprouting mythological creatures and much more. We leave you with a demonstration video that will make you better understand how AR Maps works:

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